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Abyssal Domain rewards

Below, you’ll see several tables pertaining to the Abyssal Domain rewards in Genshin Impact. Furthermore, I’ve also listed the characters that use these items for talent leveling and some examples of weapons that use ascension materials. Lastly, don’t forget that increasing your Adventure Rank (AR) and unlocking higher dungeon difficulties nets rewards with increased rarity too.


Abyssal Domains of Forgery: Weapon ascension materials

Abyssal Domain and Ley Line Disorder Day and Weapon Ascension Material Weapon Ascension Material Usage
Cecilia Garden
Unlocks at AR 16
Slowing Water: +80% skill cooldown duration.
Monday/Thursday: Decabrian
– Looks like a tablet
5-star: Aquila Favonia
4-star: Favonia Codex/Sword, The Stringless, The Viridescent Hunt, The Bell
Tuesday/Friday: Boreal Wolf
– Looks like a tooth
5-star: Skyward Atlas, Skyward Blade, Skyward Harp, Skyward Pride
4-star: The Black Sword, The Widsith, Wine and Song, The Flute, Sacrificial Greatsword
3-star: Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers
Wednesday/Saturday: Dandelion Gladiator
– Looks like handcuffs
5-star: Wolf’s Gravestone, Skyward Spine, Amos’ Bow, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
4-star: Favonius Greatsword/Lance/Warbow, Sacrificial Sword/Fragments
Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula
Unlocks at AR 16
Engulfing Storm: Continuously drains your character’s elemental burst energy.
Monday/Thursday: Sands of Guyun
– Looks like a rectangular block
5-star: Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
4-star: Rust, Crescent Pike, Lion’s Roar, Blackcliff Warbow
3-star: Slingshot
Tuesday/Friday: Mist Veiled Elixir
– A plate with circular orbs
5-star: None
4-star: Prototype Malice/Crescent/Rancour, Eye of Perception, Dragon’s Bane, Rainslasher
Wednesday/Saturday: Aerodiserite
– A block with an indentation
5-star: None
4-star: Prototype Animus/Grudge, Mappa Mare, Compound Bow, Iron Sting, Serpent Spine

Gen Pct Ab Dm 1

Abyssal Domains of Mastery: Talent leveling materials

Abyssal Domain and Ley Line Disorder Day and Talent Ascension Material Talent Ascension Material Usage
Forsaken Rift
Unlocks at AR 27
Condensed Ice – Increases your stamina consumption making it harder for you to constantly sprint around the area.
Monday/Thursday: Freedom 5-star: Klee, Traveler (Anemo)
4-star: Amber, Barbara, Sucrose
Tuesday/Friday: Resistance 5-star: Diluc, Jean, Mona
4-star: Bennett, Noelle, Razor
Wednesday/Saturday: Ballad 5-star: Venti
4-star: Fischl, Kaeya, Lisa
Taishan Mansion
Unlocks at AR 27
Smoldering Flames – Your characters are constantly affected by a Pyro damage-over-time (DOT) effect.
Monday/Thursday: Prosperity 5-star: Qiqi, Keqing, Traveler (Geo)
4-star: Ningguang
Tuesday/Friday: Diligence 5-star: None
4-star: Xiangling, Chongyun
Wednesday/Saturday: Gold 5-star: None
4-star: Beidou, Xingqiu

Note: While you can farm these rewards, characters can only use them once they’ve reached Ascension Phase 2 (level 40+). That’s the only time you’re allowed to level-up their talents. The talent-leveling mechanic is separate from Constellation passives. Those are boosts obtained via (a) duplicate characters from “gacha” Wish pulls, or (b) 5-star materials from the Souvenir Shops in Mondstadt or Liyue in the case of the Traveler.

Gen Pct Ab Dm 2

Abyssal Domains of Blessing: Artifacts

Abyssal Domain and Ley Line Disorder Artifact Sets Suggested Equipment for Characters
Midsummer Courtyard
Unlocks at AR 22
Engulfing Storm: Continuously drains your character’s elemental burst energy.
Adventurer Low-level characters; starter artifact set
Resolution of Sojourner DPS characters for the 2-set bonus
Thundering Fury Electro-based characters (i.e., Fischl)
Thundersoother N/A
Valley of Remembrance
Unlocks at AR 22
Physical damage of all party members is increased by 75%.
Traveling Doctor N/A
Tiny Miracle N/A
Viridescent Venerer Anemo-based characters (i.e., Venti)
Maiden Beloved Healers (although other artifacts are better depending on the character)
Hidden Palace of Zhou
Unlocks at AR 25
When superconduct and overload are triggered, your character takes damage. When melt is triggered, an AoE blast damage enemies instead.
Martial Artist Low-level characters; starter artifact set
Defender’s Will N/A
Crimson Witch of Flames Pyro-based characters (i.e., Xiangling/Klee)
Lavawalker N/A
Domain of Guyun
Unlocks at AR 30
When superconduct and overload are triggered, your character takes damage. However, Electro damage is increased by 150% and AoE is increased by 100%.
Brave Heart DPS characters for the 2-set bonus
Lucky Dog Low-level characters; starter artifact set
Archaic Petra Geo-based characters (i.e., Ningguang or Geo-swapped Traveler)
Retracing Bolide N/A
Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern
Unlocks at AR 35
Geo damage of all party members is increased by 75%.
Gambler Those focusing on elemental combo triggers or elemental skill damage
Scholar Support characters for extra energy recharge rate
Bloodstained Chivalry DPS characters focusing primarily on physical damage (i.e.,weapon attacks)
Noblesse Oblige Those with strong elemental bursts with a fast recharge rate

Note: You can learn more about set bonuses, enhancing these items, and increasing your DPS in our Artifact sets guide.

Gen Pct Ab Dm 3

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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