Genshin Impact Desert Of Hadramaveth Luxurious Chests Guide
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The Desert of Hadramaveth is part of the Sumeru region in Genshin Impact. Added as part of the version 3.4 update, this zone is filled with ruins, temples, various secrets, and, yes, a lot of sand. Still, you’re bound to discover more treasures as you explore. Here’s our Genshin Impact Desert of Hadramaveth Luxurious Chests guide to help you acquire various rewards in this vast area.

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Genshin Impact – All Desert of Hadramaveth Luxurious Chests guide

Wounded Shin Valley

  • As you’re exploring the sand dunes in the westernmost portion of the region, you’ll notice a curious-looking scene: four totems in the middle of nowhere. Get closer, and you’ll see that there are grapple points that lead to different directions. Travel to each of these to find a small camp, whereupon some Eremites will spawn. Defeat the hostiles in each camp (don’t forget to open the chests and pick up Thousand Nights pages, too). By the time you’re done, all four totems will be lit, and you can grab this Desert of Hadramaveth Luxurious Chest in Genshin Impact.

Wounded Shin Valley/Bayt Al-Ayah

  • This is also in Wounded Shin Valley, albeit underground. You can acquire this while doing Dirge of Bilqis – Dune-Entombed Fecundity Part 3. As you’re delving deeper into the ruins, you’ll be able to release an orb and follow it all the way to the lowest chamber. There’s also another orb in the same area, though you need to eliminate a few mobs. Once both orbs have reached their respective pillars, you can activate the two Dendro totems. Do this for the other three that are above nooks to spawn the chest.
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Mt. Damavand/Memories of Eternal Oasis

  • This requires you to have completed the entirety of the Dirge of Bilqis quest, as it gives you access to the Eternal Oasis. In this picturesque zone where time has stopped, you can control large flowers to rewind or fast-forward a memory. We discuss all the steps in our Memories of Eternal Oasis puzzle guide.
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Debris of Panjvahe

  • Located in the northern portion of the region, this canyon has a ruined temple with several devices. You’ll have to move, rotate, and connect beams to get your prize. We discuss this in our Debris of Panjvahe puzzle guide.
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Safhe Shatranj

  • This massive area has a “chessboard” of sorts, though that’s part of an entirely different quest. Instead, you’ll simply need to head to the temple to the west. Down below, you’ll notice containers that can be filled with sand, and you’d have to match these with the clues on the opposite side. We discuss this in our Safhe Shatranj puzzle guide.
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These are the Desert of Hadramaveth Luxurious Chests that we’ve found so far in Genshin Impact. We’ll update this article in case we discover more.

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