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Gameplay tips and character summary

We’ve discussed Aloy’s weapons, artifacts, and talent priorities in an in-depth manner already. So, how well does this freebie 5-star character fare?


It’s okay to have a few misgivings about Aloy. For one thing, she doesn’t have constellations (yet), so there’s no way to boost her further if you’re a big spender. Likewise, we know that there’s one free 5-star character who’s been left by the wayside for the longest time. I’m talking about the Traveler. As such, it’s easy to underestimate Aloy’s capabilities since she’s only a promotional character for this Genshin Impact crossover event.

Having said that, her Rushing Ice state (from her elemental skill’s Coil stacks) is truly where she begins to shine. This 10-second period allows you to continuously blast foes with Cryo-infused normal attacks, greatly empowered compared to how much they’ll deal by default. Moreover, as a Cryo character, she can be paired with Hydro peeps for makeshift perma-freeze comps or Pyro fighters for melt. An Aloy paired with Xingqiu sounds good since Aloy’s normal attacks can keep triggering Rain Swords.

Perhaps the biggest knock against Aloy, through no fault of her own, is that Ganyu already exists. When you have one of the best characters in Genshin Impact, it’s hard to consider anyone else as a substitute. Then, there’s Diona (another Cryo archer). She is, invariably, one of the most ideal support characters to have in your squad. Where Aloy would fit in your comps, depending on your roster, is anyone’s best guess. But, hey, a least she’s a freebie.

Genshin Impact Aloy Guide Aloy Best Weapon Best Artifact Best Artifact Sets Best Talents Build Predator Bow Blizzard Strayer 3

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