Genshin Impact: Apocalypse Lost quest guide

Genshin Impact Apocalypse Lost Quest Guide Memories Of Gurabad Chess Pieces Safhe Shatranj
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Apocalypse Lost is a quest in Genshin Impact. This is fairly involved, as it requires the completion of numerous objectives and the acquisition of various items, all to activate a strange contraption in the desert. Here’s our Genshin Impact Apocalypse Lost quest guide to help you with the Safhe Shatranj Chess Pieces and Memories of Gurabad.

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Genshin Impact Apocalypse Lost quest guide

The Apocalypse Lost quest in Genshin Impact has several requirements that coincide with quest steps:

Genshin Impact Apocalypse Lost Quest Guide Memories Of Gurabad Chess Pieces Safhe Shatranj 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you’ve completed Fallen Falcon and have all five Chess Pieces, make your way to Safhe Shatranj. Do you notice the blue squares on the board? Those are where you need to place the items. There should be no hassles at all since the interface will only show the correct piece that you need to insert (as you can see in the image above). After placing the five parts, you’ll begin the Apocalypse Lost quest in Genshin Impact.

For starters, the ground will shake, and you’ll have to fight half a dozen Algorithm Sentry Bots. Then, Liloupar will tell you that you need to plug her to one of the devices — basically, a structure will pop up near you, and it will have the “Trigger Chess Piece” option.

When you do that action, you’ll get teleported to a cavern that you visited before as part of a quest. However, a rock wall will collapse, revealing a hidden passage. In front of the ruins, you’ll spot the following:

  • Torch puzzle – Two of the torches are on the main platform, while the other two are on top of the statues. You need to stand on the altars and hit them with a Pyro shot (i.e., Amber’s charged attack since Yoimiya’s tends to have weird tracking).
  • Dendroculus – Climb either statue and you’ll notice spectral/invisible floors. Walk a bit until you’re almost under the Dendroculus, then climb the wall. There should be more invisible ledges up top, allowing you to grab the Dendroculus without falling.
  • Liloupar’s Fragment – Interact with the Jinni bulb/patch of flowers. This will complete the Apocalypse Lost quest in Genshin Impact.

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