Genshin Impact: Azhdaha weekly boss guide

Genshin Impact Azhdaha Weekly Boss Guide How To Defeat Azhdaha Dream Solvent Bloodjade Branch Dragon Lord's Crown Gilded Scale

Genshin Impact‘s version 1.5 update presents a new challenge for Travelers. It involves progressing further in Zhongli’s story quest, “Historia Antiqua Chapter: Act 2,” until you reach a sealed cavern. There, the group will do battle against Azhdaha. This first encounter is fairly easy since Zhongli acts as a guest character (fifth party member), and an NPC even heals the group when needed. After completing the quest, though, you’ll be able to battle the stone dragon on your own (or with randoms via matchmaking). Here’s our guide to help you with the Azhdaha weekly boss fight in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact: Weekly boss guide – How to defeat Azhdaha

The Azhdaha boss fight in Genshin Impact can be a little tricky at first, especially when Zhongli and Kun Jun aren’t around to help you. There’s also a Ley Line Disorder modifier here: characters who get hit by Azhdaha’s Cryo, Pyro, Electro, and Hydro attacks get marked. These marked characters will take continuous elemental damage. If you’re playing with a group, then this damage-over-time (DOT) effect only applies to a specific player that gets hit. If you’re playing solo, however, then the mark remains on you even if you to a different character.

Anyway, Azhdaha has a few basic attacks:

  • Head Crush – It’ll “bonk” its head and smash anyone in a line in front of it.
  • Ground Stomp – The Lord of Vishaps will pound on the ground thrice, and anyone nearby will get hit by the AoE.
  • Tail Swipe – Anyone behind Azhdaha will get whipped by the creature’s tail.

Genshin Impact Azhdaha Weekly Boss Guide How To Defeat Azhdaha Dream Solvent Bloodjade Branch Dragon Lord's Crown Gilded Scale 1

  • Stalagmite Explosions – The boss will shoot out stalagmites that’ll explode in a couple of seconds.
  • Godzilla Meets Jaws – Circles will appear on the ground and eruptions will occur a second later. While this is going on, Azhdaha will burrow underground and “swim” towards you. After a few seconds, the boss will reappear at the center of the arena.

If you’ve got a nuking setup, then you could make quick work of Azhdaha. Still, it might be a little risky since a majority of the boss’ abilities have a large AoE radius.

Conversely, you can just snipe the boss from afar. I personally just used Ganyu’s charged shots while staying at the edge of the arena.

Genshin Impact Azhdaha Weekly Boss Guide How To Defeat Azhdaha Dream Solvent Bloodjade Branch Dragon Lord's Crown Gilded Scale 2

Elemental absorption and DOTs

Azhdaha tends to switch to a particular element at 75% and 50% health (usually after it does the Godzilla/Jaws burrowing ability). Depending on the element, you might see different kinds of attacks occurring. In my case, I’ve only seen it deal Electro and Hydro damage:

  • Hydro – Floating bubbles will emanate from and circle around the boss.
  • Electro – A wide line will appear on the ground and electricity will blast across the arena (this will hit you even if you’re at the edge and the marked area is a bit further away). Purple lightning orbs will also spawn and start coming towards you.

Remember, these elemental attacks will cause a DOT effect if you get hit. The only way to prevent this from happening is if you’re shielded. This can be tricky if you’re fighting Azhdaha from a distance, and a little inconsistent since other types of damage can break the shield anyway. At best, you’ll want to make sure that you’re buffed and healed by eating food. Oh, and try to keep your healer alive as well.

Genshin Impact Azhdaha Weekly Boss Guide How To Defeat Azhdaha Dream Solvent Bloodjade Branch Dragon Lord's Crown Gilded Scale 3

Rewards: New talent leveling materials and Dream Solvent

Like other weekly bosses, Azhdaha also drops the Gladiator’s Finale and Wanderer’s Troupe artifact sets. Likewise, it can drop the Northlander weapon crafting materials too.

What you’ll want to look forward to, however, are the new talent leveling materials: Dragon Lord’s Crown, Gilded Scale, and Bloodjade Branch. This last one, Bloodjade Branch, is actually used by Yanfei.

Gen Pct Azhd Wk Bsgd 1

As for the Dream Solvent, you should have at least one already after completing Zhongli’s story quest. Azhdaha also has a chance to provide these after it’s beaten. The Dream Solvent is a special consumable that you can use on the alchemy bench. Simply click on the second tab and look for a 5-star/gold character leveling material.

Using Dream Solvent, you’ll be able to convert that material into its counterpart provided that it also comes from the same boss. For instance, you can turn Dvalin’s Plume into Dvalin’s Claw or Dvalin’s Sigh. But, you can’t turn any of these into the drops from other weekly bosses (i.e., Boreas items, Shard of Foul Legacy, and the like).

Gen Pct Azhd Wk Bsgd 2

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub, as well as our version 1.5 overview.

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