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The Genshin Impact Windblume Event is here and offers various minigames to participate in around the classic region of Mondstadt. A celebration of Mondstadt, its culture, and its characters, you’ll get to interact with much of the region’s cast and locations during these different minigames. One of the minigames you’ll get to participate in is the Genshin Impact Ballads of Breeze event, where you have to participate in a rhythm game and aim to get as many points as you can.

To participate in the Ballads of Breeze event, you’ll first have to unlock the overall Windblume Festival. To do so, finish the quest ‘A Gathering of Outlanders,’ which is a simple quest consisting of mostly dialogue and interactions between characters. After this, you’ll have access to all three minigames in the event. In ‘Ballads of Breeze’ you’ll have to play a rhythm game, doing your best to get as many points as possible to earn the best rewards.

Talk to the NPC Lizzie in this location to start playing the rhythm game:

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How the Genshin Impact Ballads of Breeze rhythm game works, and the rewards

Before starting up the game, you’ll have the chance to calibrate the timing of the rhythm to your liking. This is due to the fact that different devices may play ahead or behind the beat of the song. Take the time to calibrate the game to your desired effect. After the calibration is complete, you’ll be able to start the event.

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Each track is based on an existing song in the Genshin Impact universe, some featured in character trailers and others battle themes found throughout the game. Each song has three difficulties. To qualify for the rewards for each rank, you’ll need to obtain the ‘Dulcem’ ranking, which is obtained when you hit 60 – 89.9% of the notes. To earn at least 40 Primogems, you can simply play the Normal difficulty, but you’ll need to master all three ranks to get all of the rewards.

  • Attaining Dulcem on Normal difficulty rewards you with 40 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, and 150 Festive Tickets.
  • Attaining Dulcem on Hard difficulty rewards you with 120 Festive Tickets, 20,000 Mora, and 2 Hero’s Wit.
  • Attaining Dulcem on Pro difficulty rewards you with 90 Festive Tickets, 20,000 Mora, and 4 Mystic Enhancement Ores.
  • If you attain Dulcem on Pro difficulty, you will gain all rewards from Normal and up.
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You can also edit and create custom beatmaps in this event for the songs, allowing you to create a masochistic masterpiece or something simpler. This also lets you create beatmaps for songs featured in previous iterations of this event. You can search for custom beatmaps and play them as well.

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Ballads of Breeze rhythm game tips

To succeed in the Ballads of the Breeze game in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to hit a number of keys or your touchscreen to the beat of the song. Hitting it exactly on the beat will give you a ‘Perfect,’ while being a little off will give you a ‘Good.’ Hitting more ‘Perfect’ notes will fill up a meter that can give you a high score multiplier.

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Get the highest scores possible to ensure you can earn all of the rewards in this event. You’ll need to get a complete Pro to obtain all of the Festive Tickets to spend in the event shop.

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