Genshin Impact Bathysmal Vishap Herd Dragonheir's False Fin Shenhe Guide

The Bathysmal Vishap Herd is an encounter in Genshin Impact that’s unlocked after you defeat the Abyssal Lector Fathomless Flames. The fight itself still takes place in the chamber beneath Dainichi Mikoshi, though the enemies are elite creatures instead of the regular mobs that you’ve seen before. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the Bathysmal Vishap Herd and Dragonheir’s False Fin item for Shenhe.

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Genshin Impact: Enkanomiya guide – Bathysmal Vishap Herd and Dragonheir’s False Fin

The Bathysmal Vishap Herd encounter in Genshin Impact has everything you could probably hate when facing these types of creatures. There’s two of them (one Electro and one Cryo). They like to move around and rarely stay in one place for prolonged periods. Also, they’ve got projectiles that can annoy you and rolling attacks to get up close.

Genshin Impact Bathysmal Vishap Herd Dragonheir's False Fin Shenhe Guide 1

Bathysmal Vishap Herd encounter tips

Here are a few tidbits to watch out for:

  • Once you drop down, the battle will commence. Don’t blow all your cooldowns at the start because the two Bathysmal Vishaps will jump to the opposite side of the arena.
  • They’ll channel a combined Cryo and Electro attack, firing multiple projectiles that track you. They’re bunched up for a few seconds, so now would be a great time to pop your AoE bursts to damage both of them.
  • After the channeling sequence, the Electro Bathysmal Vishap will usually jump on one of the stone pillars. It will continue shooting you with projectiles while its Cryo counterpart attacks you on the ground. Don’t bother trying to shoot down the Electro target. Instead, smash the stone pillar, causing the creature to fall and get temporarily stunned.
  • Later, if you managed to kill either target, they’ll both jump to the center and cast a spinning beam ability. This is also a viable time for AoE attacks, but the window of opportunity is smaller.
  • The dead Bathysmal Vishap isn’t actually “dead.” It’ll swim around the edge of the arena and shoot more projectiles. The encounter will only end after you defeat its counterpart.

Genshin Impact Bathysmal Vishap Herd Dragonheir's False Fin Shenhe Guide 2

Defeating the Bathysmal Vishap Herd in Genshin Impact nets you gems like the Shivada Jade and Vajruda Amethyst. Moreover, you’ll receive the Dragonheir’s False Fin material used by Shenhe for her ascension. You’re going to need dozens of these if you want to max her out.

Note: You can learn more about Shenhe in our character build guide.

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