Genshin Impact: Childe/Tartaglia guide — Weapons, artifacts, and talents

Genshin Impact Childe Tartaglia Guide Weapon Artifacts Talents

Character ascension materials

Below, you can see the character ascension materials needed by Childe/Tartaglia in Genshin Impact.


Here they are:

  • Fatui Insignias – Dropped by Fatui agents.
  • Varunada Lazurite – Dropped by the Oceanid elite; purchased from Souvenir Shop; higher-tier versions can be crafted by an alchemist NPC.
  • Cleansing Heart – Dropped by the Oceanid elite.
  • Starconch – Gathered from beaches.

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There are lots of Starconch lying around on the beaches of Yaoguang Shoal and Guyun Stone Forest. Likewise, a few are found in Dragonspine, but I wouldn’t advise farming there since the Sheer Cold effect can be a nuisance.

Anyway, if you want an efficient farming route, you can watch the video below from YouTuber KyoStinV:

Finally, let’s talk about what you can expect when Childe/Tartaglia is in your Genshin Impact team.

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