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Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts Locations Guide Sturdy Shell Marked Shell Dessicated Shell
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Consecrated Beasts are a type of enemy in Genshin Impact. Initially added as part of the version 3.4 update, these foes are significantly tougher compared to the hapless critters that you’ve seen in the past. Moreover, certain lairs won’t be accessible to you at the start. Here’s our Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts locations guide to help you find them and acquire their Sturdy Shell and Marked Shell drops.

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Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts locations guide (Dessicated Shell, Sturdy Shell, and Marked Shell)

Consecrated Beasts in Genshin Impact are predominantly found in Sumeru’s desert regions, though you might even see a lone mob wandering in Inazuma. They come in three variants: Consecrated Vultures (Pyro), Consecrated Scorpions (Electro), and Consecrated Serpents (Anemo). Compared to their smaller counterparts, they pack quite a punch, as the elements have boosted them significantly. They’ve got AoE smash attacks, and even pulling capabilities.

Above Ground Locations

Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts Locations Guide Sturdy Shell Marked Shell Dessicated Shell 1 Map

Image via Hoyoverse (edited)

Above, you can see the map of Sumeru’s deserts. We’ve marked the locations of the Consecrated Beasts in Genshin Impact. Arrows that point downward imply that they make their lairs in underground tunnels, which we’ll discuss later. Likewise, we suggest tackling the Dirge of Bilqis quest chain, as you’ll visit many of these areas, allowing you to tag the teleporters for faster traversal and gain access to some spots that may have obstacles. Here are some other tidbits:

  • Safhe Shatranj (above ground) – Glide down from the western teleporter. The target won’t be there yet, but it will appear once you’re close enough to the Withered Obelisk puzzle.
  • Wadi Al-Majuj (northwest) – This is the enemy you’ll face in Liloupar’s Cell. We’ve crossed it out since it only spawns once.
  • Khaj-Nisut (north) – From the Khaj-Nisut fast travel point, head up the dunes. You’ll see this one along the cliff’s edge.
  • Dunes of Steel (north and south) – The creature to the south of this teleporter can be found along the road. As for those further north, the first target will spawn once you’ve killed three scorpion mobs guarding a chest. From there, use the grapple nodes to reach the cliffs to the northwest where a vulture is perched.

Underground Locations – Wounded Shin Valley and Safhe Shatranj

Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts Locations Guide Sturdy Shell Marked Shell Dessicated Shell 2 Map

Image via Hoyoverse (edited)

Both of these Genshin Impact Consecrated Beast locations are underground. Thankfully, they’re fairly close to fast travel points:

  • Safhe Shatranj (underground) – While it might seem as though this enemy is in the Dune of Carouses, it’s actually in a section of Gurabad’s Ruin in Safhe Shatranj. From the nearest teleporter, head left and follow the corridor. You’ll then see it perched on some branches.
  • Wounded Shin Valley (underground) – You’ll venture deeper into these caverns while doing the Dune-Entombed Fecundity Part 3 quest. A scorpion waits down below.

Underground Locations – Wenut Tunnels

Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts Locations Guide Sturdy Shell Marked Shell Dessicated Shell 3 Map

Image via Hoyoverse (edited)

These Consecrated Beast locations in Genshin Impact are all in the Wenut Tunnels, which has a teleporter near the Setekh Wenut boss. You’ll essentially follow a portion of the Sand Grease Pupa farming route:

  • The first creature, a flying serpent, can be found just past the tunnel’s entrance.
  • Follow the tunnel as it takes you down a cavernous section. Continue along the path that leads northwest until you reach a fork where a Mitachurl is chilling. There’s a cairn (i.e., stone altar) toward the side leads to the City of the Deceased domain. Interact with it and you’ll fall down a pit with a scorpion.
  • In that same area, you should see another chasm that leads to the bottommost part of the tunnels. As it winds to the north, you’ll see another flying serpent.
  • The fourth beast is also in Wenut Tunnels, though it’s along the other path from the fork with the Mitachurl. Your best bet is to use the Qusayr Al-Inkhida teleporter, gliding south toward the caves until you encounter it.

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