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Beating the Great Snowboar King

The Great Snowboar King is an elite beast found in the Dragonspine region.


Here it is on Genshin Impact‘s map:

Gen Pct Scr Crm Agt 2a

To spawn it, use a Pyro skill to melt the ice covering the boars, then go stab them. After killing all three, the Great Snowboar King will appear.

Mind you, it surprised me when I first encountered it, so make sure you’re well prepared.

Gen Pct Scr Crm Agt 2b

The Great Snowboar King has a regular ram attack where it charges towards you four times. After this sequence, it’ll use an extra ability:

  • Above 50% HP – It’ll summon several boars that’ll blast you with giant snowballs.
  • Below 50% HP – Multiple red circles will appear on the ground and an avalanche of snow will start dropping on those spots.

Gen Pct Scr Crm Agt 2c

After beating it for the first time, you’ll get a secret Crimson Agate. You can continue to fight it after each daily reset if you want to get more Chilled Boar Meat. You can also obtain a few achievements here:

  • one by beating it normally
  • one by beating it once it’s berserk
  • another by having your party wipe to it

Gen Pct Scr Crm Agt 2d

As an aside, you can also complete the “Ah, Fresh Meat” sidequest from Harris (found in the Adventurer’s Camp).

Harris will ask you for Chilled Boar Meat and he’ll give you the Goulash recipe.

Gen Pct Scr Crm Agt 2e

Learn the Goulash recipe and make the dish (2x Chilled Boar Meat, 2x carrots, 1x tomato). Then, wait until 1800 to speak with Harris again. This will finish the sidequest netting you 4x Hero’s Wit, 40x primogems, 5x Delicious Goulash, and 6x Mystic Enhancement Ores.

Anyway, let’s go ahead and visit the Lonely Island.

Gen Pct Scr Crm Agt 2f

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