How To Reach Desert Of Hadramaveth Genshin Impact Guide
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How to reach the Desert of Hadramaveth in Genshin Impact – Guide

A new desert area.

The Desert of Hadramaveth is a location in Genshin Impact. Part of the Sumeru region, it’s got a bunch of quests, puzzles, enemies, domains/dungeons, and more. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you reach the Desert of Hadramaveth, which was added as part of the version 3.4 update.

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Genshin Impact guide – How to reach the Desert of Hadramaveth

There are multiple paths that will help you reach the Desert of Hadramaveth in Genshin Impact. However, the most viable is the area/fast travel point north of the Dune of Carouses. Once you spawn there, you should see a Statue of the Seven in the distance. Upon tagging that, the whole desert region will be revealed, including other teleporters and domains.

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Here are some important tidbits while exploring the Desert of Hadramaveth in Genshin Impact:

  • If you try to cross the gap at Tanit Camps, a cutscene will play. This will kickstart the Dirge of Bilqis world quest, assuming you’ve done the Golden Slumber arc. You’ll learn that Jeht has joined the Tanit Tribe after the conclusion of that quest chain. This will lead to new ruined temples and tricky puzzles that need to be solved.
  • There are a couple of domains that require a bit more effort to unlock: City of the Deceased and Fane of Panjvahe. The former is to the west but it’s underground, while the latter is further north.
  • The Setekh Wenut is a farmable boss that drops ascension materials. Moreover, smaller Wenut sandworms will sometimes pop up as you’re roaming around.
  • As you approach the center where Mount Damavand is, the sandstorm will get more intense, causing issues with visibility.
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