Genshin Impact weapon guide: Is the Dodoco Tales any good?

Genshin Impact Dodoco Tales Guide Klee Weapon Is Dodoco Tales Good Worth It

After reaching the fourth act of Genshin Impact‘s Midsummer Island Adventure, players will be able to partake in the Harpastum Bombs Loaded challenge. The activity entails throwing explosives and annihilating your foes in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Each completion nets you 300x Mini Harpastum, a currency that can be used to obtain the Dodoco Tales. Here’s our Genshin Impact weapon guide to help you determine if the Dodoco Tales is any good, especially for a character such as Klee.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub. You may also take a look at our main guide for the Midsummer Island Adventure/Golden Apple Archipelago.


Genshin Impact guide: Is the Dodoco Tales any good and is it Klee’s best weapon?

First off, go ahead and take a look at the Midsummer Island Adventure’s event shop. You’ll need a total of 2,800 Mini Harpastum to purchase the Dodoco Tales catalyst weapon and four Fragments of Innocence (its refinement material).

Here’s the weapon’s perk at rank 5 refinement (R5): “Dodoventure!” – Normal attack hits increase charged attack damage by 32% for six seconds. Charged attack hits increase ATK by 16% for six seconds.

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As for the ascension materials, Dodoco Tales needs the following:

  • Boreal Wolf items – From the Cecilia Garden domain every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Ley Line items – Dropped by Abyss Mages.
  • Mask items – Dropped by hilichurl mobs.

I suggest maxing it out to level 90 if you have the resources. There’s a 1.5x experience points multiplier as long as the Midsummer Island Adventure event is available. This lasts until June 28.

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So, how viable is the weapon? Well, if you take a look at our character guide for Klee, we enumerated several decent picks for her. Not counting the 5-star options, you can make use of weapons such as the Solar Pearl (Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass) and The Widsith (4-star drops from wishes). If you simply went with a free-to-play item, then it’s likely that you’re using the Mappa Mare (blacksmith forging). Then comes the Dodoco Tales which is, in my book, the best free-to-play weapon for Klee in Genshin Impact. In fact, since you can easily reach R5 with it, it can trump other 4-star options that are harder to obtain.

The reason for this is due to the “Dodoventure” perk mentioned above. Klee is a bomb spammer, which means you’re often using her normal attacks in conjunction with charged attacks. Because of Klee’s “Pounding Surprise” talent, her elemental skill and normal attacks generate an Elemental Spark. This causes her next charged attack to deal 50% more damage while costing no stamina at all.

Think of it this way: the “Pounding Surprise” talent and the “Dodoventure” perk can potentially boost a single charged attack’s damage by 82%. Even better, a successive hit will then trigger an ATK boost for another six seconds. You’re basically looking at a near-constant uptime on procs that increase DPS. That’s just ridiculous.

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How does it compare to other event weapons?

As far as freebie event weapons go, I’d personally rank the Dodoco Tales above the Festering Desire sword and the very disappointing Windblume Ode bow. However, one problem you might have is that the Dodoco Tales has ATK% as a stat. If you’ve been using other weapons that have crit rate or crit damage, you’re going to see a significant drop. That means farming new artifacts with the right rolls if you wish to attain optimal stat distribution. Heck, my Klee ended up with just a 16% crit rate when I switched from Solar Pearl to Dodoco Tales. I had to grab some of the artifacts I had on Diluc just to manage.

What if I don’t have Klee?

Since Dodoco Tales is a catalyst weapon, then other characters in Genshin Impact can also equip it. However, it won’t be as beneficial due to their playstyles. For instance, Mona is ideally used as a nuker. You bring her in to blast everyone with her burst. Lisa, meanwhile, is a sub-DPS character, meaning there’s often someone else who handles most of the encounter. As for Sucrose, she’s there to increase damage via elemental mastery, and Barbara is primarily a healer (unless you really want to build her as a main DPS character).

Still, Dodoco Tales can really help out Ningguang and Yanfei since they’re a lot more active on the field. Ningguang’s charged attacks don’t consume stamina when she has Star Jades, so charged attacks tend to be part of a rotation. Likewise, if you take a look at our Yanfei build guide, you’ll see that her Scarlet Seals will help power up her charged attacks too. These two fighters gain benefits from Dodoco Tales’ normal attack and charged attack cycling especially if you don’t have ideal weapons yet.

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Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub. We also have a main guide for the Midsummer Island Adventure/Golden Archipelago.

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