Genshin Impact: Draconic Pilgrimage challenge and Warm Essence

Genshin Impact Draconic Pilgrimage Challenge Warm Essence Guide

The next phase of Genshin Impact‘s Chalk Prince and the Dragon event is now live. After completing the Testing Grounds and farming Glimmering Essence, it’s now time for players to partake in the Draconic Pilgrimage. This challenge nets you Warm Essence for more rewards and loot. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Genshin Impact: Unlocking the Draconic Pilgrimage challenge and obtaining Warm Essence

You should see a new quest marker telling you to talk to Albedo and Cyrus. You’ll find them close to the Adventurer’s Camp just north of Genshin Impact‘s Dragonspine region.

After some dialogue, the short quest will present you with the following tasks:

  • Beating a few hilichurls.
  • Following a hilichurl’s footprints.
  • A quick gliding challenge that needs to be completed in 90 seconds.
  • Another battle against some hilichurls.

Genshin Impact Draconic Pilgrimage Challenge Warm Essence Guide 1

The last battle is somewhat unique since you’ll see a Seelie moving around. Anyway, return to Albedo’s camp to finish this quest.

This will unlock the Draconic Pilgrimage challenge. You’ll see a Seelie icon on Genshin Impact‘s map showing you the location.

Genshin Impact Draconic Pilgrimage Challenge Warm Essence Guide 2

Once you reach a Draconic Pilgrimage challenge location, you’ll spot a Seelie floating around. Indeed, upon starting the activity, it’ll move along the path to ensure that Sheer Cold doesn’t get too high.

As for the enemies, you’ll mostly encounter hilichurls, mitachurls (ogres), slimes, as well as the occasional Fatui or Whopperflower.

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You’ll fight roughly six to seven mobs that appear in groups. The Seelie will travel along a predetermined path, so make sure you follow it around while coaxing enemies to go near you.

After defeating all hostiles, you can open the chest which (always) awards 140 Warm Essence. You can then head to the next challenge location if you want to continue farming Warm Essence.

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Challenge rewards and event shop

The Draconic Pilgrimage challenge has several tasks, and each one provides you with 30 primogems and 20,000 mora:

  • Refine Festering Desire to level 3.
  • Accumulate a total of 600 Warm Essence.
  • Accumulate a total of 1,800 Warm Essence.
  • Complete the Draconic Pilgrimage challenge eight times.
  • Complete the Draconic Pilgrimage challenge 16 times.
  • Finish five of these challenges without Sheer Cold reaching 20% – As long as you’re next to the Seelie and you’re picking up Scarlet Quartz drops, you should be fine.

Gen Pct Dracpil Wrmes 1

Completing the above tasks unlocks the Festering Desire sword’s third ability. It gives +50% damage dealt via the Scarlet Quartz buff and +70% crit damage against opponents in Genshin Impact‘s Dragonspine region.

For the event shop itself, I would suggest getting the Festering Dragon Marrow first (600 Warm Essence). This lets you refine the Festering Desire to level 3. You can check the rest of the stuff you can grab using Warm Essence via our event shop page.

Gen Pct Dracpil Wrmes 2

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