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Old Notes and New Friends is another lengthy quest chain in Genshin Impact. You won’t be able to do it immediately. That’s because you’ll have to finish the entirety of the Golden Slumber questline first. After that, you’ll have to wait a full daily reset. In any case, here’s our Genshin Impact Old Notes and New Friends guide to help you with the Dual Evidence and Duat Hall portion of the activity.

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Genshin Impact Old Notes and New Friends – Dual Evidence and Duat Hall guide

To get started with the Old Notes and New Friends quest in Genshin Impact, simply use the Aaru Village fast travel point. If you meet the aforementioned requirements, a researcher named Kalantari will greet you. Another researcher named Soheil will also chide you. That makes Paimon suggest that you should visit the desert ruins instead.

Since there are a bunch of puzzles waiting for you, I’ll continue our Genshin Impact Old Notes and New Friends – Dual Evidence guide in the next sections:

Dual Evidence

Soheil’s Wish

Gen Pct Onf Dlev Gd 1

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