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After leaving the Knights headquarters, the first and easiest mission will be to speak to the blacksmith, Wagner, near the entrance of the town. He will send you on a simple quest to go into the open fields are retrieve some Iron Chunks. The map will tell you where to go, and it isn’t very far from Mondstadt. Once you whack the Iron rocks and pick up the chunks, head back to Wagner and you can use those chunks to craft some ore. This is the same ore that you use to level up your weapons. It only takes three seconds to forge, so you will be able to get a couple of pieces of ore for your troubles very quickly.

Next up is taking a trip to the Adventurer’s Guild. Speak to the receptionist and she will give you a brief description of what the Guild does and give you a very important item, the Adventurer’s Handbook. The handbook can be accessed from the quick menu or main menu. Whenever you reach a new Adventure Rank make sure to come back to this booth to get some rewards for leveling up. You should be able to claim a few rewards at this point as well for getting this far.

The Adventurer’s Handbook gives you missions that you can complete by doing tasks in the open world like opening chests, fighting monsters, leveling up shrines, etc. Basically, everything that levels up your Adventure Rank can help you complete these objectives. You also get information on special monsters and enemies that you can track down for extra experience and rewards. If you ever find yourself stuck with no other way to gain Adventure Rank points, crack open the Handbook and take down some bosses and complete some objectives.

Genshin Impact Guides

Next up we work our way outside the city for more quests.

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