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Spread your wings and fly

Head back to town for the second part of the exam where Amber will have you fly through some more rings. When you land you are confronted by a guard for flying without a license. Amber gets you out of trouble (that she, again, put you in the first place) and you discover that a glider thief named Raptor has been running amok in town. Amber decides this is the perfect time to take him down once and for all.

Your hunt brings you to Springvale, where you use your elemental vision to find three nearby clues: a broken branch, an elemental mark, and some torn cloth. After saving a merchant from a band of monsters you discover Raptor’s hideout. Make sure your party is at least level 13 before you head into the dungeon. Once inside, Amber decides this is a good time to finish your license exam.

You will fly throughout the dungeon dropping bombs on the enemies beneath you. Your goal is to defeat all the enemies without touching the ground. There are wind gusts nearby to propel you back up if you fall too low, and the bombs are basically one-hit kills. You just have to make sure you get all of the monsters before proceeding.

Time to take out Raptor once and for all on the last page on early Genshin Impact missions.

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