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After killing off the monsters, the door to the next area will open. Once you’re back on the ground, use Amber and Noelle to get the treasure in the room. Following this, have Amber shoot the mechanisms to open the door to the next area. After gliding over a chasm (and a small cutscene), you will finally face Raptor and his goons. Raptor and his crew are pushovers. There is also a large puddle in the room that Kaeya, Lisa, and Amber can take advantage of. After you’re done, open the Precious Chest and head back to the Cathedral in town. There, Amber will finally give you your license.

At this point in the game, you should be right at or over Adventure Rank 10. If for some reason you aren’t, explore the open world and take out a Hilichurl camp or two, open some chests, and activate some teleport waypoints while you’re at it. Once you reach level 8 you can also track down Ley Line Blossoms with the Handbook for even more chances to level up.

Don’t forget to also claim your rewards in the Adventurer Handbook and at the Adventurer Guild’s booth for all the Adventure Ranks you have leveled up so far. You should be able to start the next main Archon quest, “For a Tomorrow Without Tears.” Make sure to check out the rest of our Genshin Impact guides as well to help you on your journey through Teyvat.

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