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Act 2: The new Energy Amplifier Crystals

First, let’s discuss the new Energy Amplifier Crystals that you can find in Genshin Impact.


Remember how each place of interest has three Irminsul Fragments? Well, if you can activate all of them, you’ll obtain 12 new Energy Amplifier Crystals (the last fragment in each area contains two of these). Several of these are very helpful, especially due to the nature of encounters in the new domains (Where Shadows Writhe and Twisted Realm: Domain of Furious Thunder).

Below, you’ll see the new Energy Amplifier Crystals and their effects:

CrystalEffectMotive Force Cost
Hunter’s Romp+35% charged attack damage for all characters after defeating an enemy with a charged attack. Lasts 60 seconds and can stack up to 5 times.250
Thundering DanceWhen a character causes Electro-Charged, there’s a 50% chance to trigger a lightning strike that deals 500% of the character’s ATK as damage, while also decreasing the target’s Electro resistance by 25%. Triggers once every 5 seconds; cooldown is shared by the entire party.250
Duelist’s DanceWhen hitting opponents, an AoE shockwave will be unleashed. If at full HP, the damage will be significantly higher. Triggers once every 5 seconds per character.250
Ironbow+50% crit rate for normal and charged attacks after hitting opponents’ weak spots with charged attacks from your bow; lasts 8 seconds.150
WhirlpoolDefeating enemies with a charged attack creates a vacuum that pulls hostiles, dealing damage based on 500% of the character’s ATK. Can be triggered once every 2 seconds.150
Timely RainA Hydro Amber that creates falling rain will spawn when you hit a target with your elemental burst. Can be triggered once every 6 seconds.150
Coalesced Defenses+40% incoming healing bonus when protected by a shield.150
JudgmentA defeated enemy unleashes an AoE shockwave that damages other nearby enemies.150
Challenger+20% ATK and DEF when there are two or more enemies near your character.150
Featherweight-50% charged attack stamina consumption for your party.100
Overmastered+100 elemental mastery for your party.100
Enhanced Healing+25% incoming healing bonus for your party.100

Note: The Energy Amplifier Crystals that you obtained from the previous act remain available. You can mix and match to find worthwhile combos. However, remember that Motive Force (which represents the value of each crystal) is still capped at 1,000 points.

Anyway, let’s talk about a new domain that you can visit in the next section of our guide. This spot is called Where Shadows Writhe.

Gen Pct Enr Amp Int Ev A2 Gd 2

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