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If there’s one thing I hate, it’s games having their own launchers and clients. With multiple major storefronts, having to go onto the site, download a thing, and then keep it updated is not preferable to just using Steam or EGS. Genshin Impact is one of the biggest free-to-play titles around, which means that, naturally, a ton of people have been using the game’s client. Well, very soon, they won’t have to. At least, not directly. The game is being added to the Epic Games Store next week, so anyone who hasn’t wanted to bother going to the source will be able to give the game a try.

Genshin Impact will arrive on the Epic Games Store on June 9. Playing it this way will, unsurprisingly, allow users to connect with people on all other platforms. As of now, you can add the game to your EGS wishlist in case you need a reminder for when it goes live. If you’re new to the game, there’s even going to be a free bonus bundle for Epic users. Simply use the code “GenshinEpic” once the game unlocks on June 9 and you’ll receive the bundle on your Genshin Impact account. There’s no word on what exactly is in it, but it’s probably not ten free characters.


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Genshin Impact originally launched on PC in September of last year. Most people tend to compare it to Breath of the Wild, albeit with gacha monetization. Four characters, that can be switched between at will, make up your party, and they all have different abilities and whatnot. So you’ll want to gamble for more of them. Up to four players can co-op together at once, which isn’t all too hard considering the huge amount of people that play the game. There’s no word on if we can ever expect the game to come to Steam. But I’m going to assume there was a bit of a bidding war for Epic to make this happen.

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