Genshin Impact Erebos Secret Quest Enkanomiya

Erebos’ Secret is a quest in the Enkanomiya zone of Genshin Impact. It becomes available once you’ve defeated the Abyss Lector Fathomless Flames as part of the main arc. This leads to several new islands appearing in the region. Here’s our Genshin Impact Erebos’ Secret guide to help you complete the puzzles.

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Genshin Impact: Erebos’ Secret quest guide

Beating the Abyss Lector Fathomless Flames nets you the Bloodbranch Coral quest item. Giving that to Tsukoyo in Sangonomiya Shrine finishes the main arc. Once you’ve done that, return to Enkanomiya – Serpent’s Heart and make sure Evernight is active. Near the northwestern fast travel point of Serpent’s Heart, you’ll find the shade of Erebos.

When you’re ready to accept the challenge, he’ll cause three new islands to spawn along the edges of Enkanomiya’s map. We’ll tackle the remaining steps in the next parts of our Genshin Impact Erebos’ Secret guide series. You can refer to the pages below:

Note: After finishing the tasks, return to Erebos to complete the Three Great Martial Trials.

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