Genshin Impact Erebos Secret Quest Enkanomiya

Using the Ghostfish portal to reach new islands

The far-flung islands that have spawned as part of the Erebos’ Secret quest in Genshin Impact can only be reached by using the Ghostfish portal.


To find these, open the map and look for the pools of water and patches of grass. For instance, the one in The Narrows is northeast of the fast travel point.

When you arrive at the area, several Bathysmal Vishaps will appear. You can take them out to open the chest.

Genshin Impact Erebos Secret Quest Enkanomiya 1

Then, jump from a greater height so you can activate your glide. Stay within the radius of the Ghostfish’s effect and you’ll slowly float upward.

Eventually, you’ll enter a portal that takes you to its corresponding floating island. When you get to those locations, you’ll need to find the Flames of the High Gate (i.e., floating blue embers). In any case, you can refer to the next guides below for these trials:

Genshin Impact Erebos Secret Quest Enkanomiya 2

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