Genshin Impact: Where to farm Dandelion Seeds for Eula’s ascension

Genshin Impact Farm Dandelion Seed Locations Eula Ascension Jean Ascension Guide

Eula is a 5-star character that’s about to join Genshin Impact‘s roster. As was revealed in certain leaks and data-mining efforts, Eula uses Dandelion Seeds as her ascension material (just like Jean). The only downside is that the nodes of these flowers can sometimes be scattered all over the Mondstadt region, which makes finding them troublesome. Anyway, here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you farm Dandelion Seeds to help with Eula’s and Jean’s ascension.

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Genshin Impact: Farming Dandelion Seeds – Eula’s and Jean’s character ascension material

To be clear, Eula is yet to become available in Genshin Impact. The version 1.5 update starts out with a Zhongli banner rerun which includes Yanfei. We won’t see Eula until a couple of weeks pass, but this also means that it’s a good time to farm Dandelion Seeds so you can eventually get ready to ascend and level her up.

These flowers do require you to use an Anemo-based ability to pop them open and collect the Dandelion Seeds within. Then again, if you have Sucrose, you can simply use her normal attack which is already infused with Anemo. It makes the farming process a lot faster.

In any case, Dandelion Seeds can be found outside Mondstadt’s gates, in the wild, and on the plateau that’s east of Stone Gate. We’ll tackle each location in detail, but you can see the world map below. I’ve noted the areas where you can find clusters of two or more of these nodes.

Genshin Impact Farm Dandelion Seed Locations Eula Ascension Jean Ascension Guide 1 Map

Mondstadt’s gates

There are a total of nine Dandelion Seed nodes outside Mondstadt’s gates. Seven are near the bridge and the other two are off to the side.

Genshin Impact Farm Dandelion Seed Locations Eula Ascension Jean Ascension Guide 2

East of Stone Gate

For this one, use the fast travel point that’s between the Andrius boss fight area and Dawn Winery. Take a look above you and you’ll see two cliffs jutting out.

You can loop around to the north, climb up some walls, and on top of the first plateau. This will let you reach the opposite rock formation.

Genshin Impact Farm Dandelion Seed Locations Eula Ascension Jean Ascension Guide 3a

From there, just roam around and pick up all the Dandelion Seeds that are nearby.

There are a couple of spots here with three nodes that are clustered together as well.

Genshin Impact Farm Dandelion Seed Locations Eula Ascension Jean Ascension Guide 3b

Everywhere else

To be fair, Genshin Impact has a lot of Dandelion Seed locations. The issue is that some areas will only have, at best, a single node. As such, my advice is to simply go to the areas that are either close to a fast travel point or those with multiple clusters. Here are some examples:

  • South of Starfell Lake – 3x nodes.
  • Above Midsummer Courtyard – 3x nodes.
  • Near the Cryo Regisvine boss fight area – 3x nodes (seen below).

Gen Pct Dndsd Fr Gd 1

  • Next to the Temple of the Lion – 1x node.
  • Near the Cape Oath fast travel point – 2x nodes (seen below).
  • Above the Temple of the Falcon – 2x nodes.
  • North of Wolvendom – 2x nodes.
  • The plateau between Windrise and the Adventurer’s Camp in Dragonspine – 2x nodes.

There are a few scattered odds and ends such as those in Springvale and the ravines heading to Dawn Winery, but these mostly have a single node along the path. Still, with a bit of patience, you should be able to farm roughly 40 to 45 Dandelion Seeds, just in time for Eula to arrive in Genshin Impact.

Gen Pct Dndsd Fr Gd 2

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub, as well as our version 1.5 overview.

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