Genshin Impact Eula Guide Weapons Artifacts Talents

Genshin Impact: Eula character summary and gameplay tips

We’ve discussed Eula’s weapons, artifacts, and talents in-depth already, but is she actually viable in your Genshin Impact comps?


Okay, to be frank, Eula is very powerful. However, she’s also a “selfish carry” main DPS who’ll be extremely reliant on a full rotation. The reason for this is due to stacking her Lightfall Sword energy charges while debuffing enemies with Grimheart.

Ideally, a full rotation should go like this:

  • Elemental skill (press) – Grants 1x Grimheart.
  • Elemental burst – Spawns the Lightfall Sword, resets the elemental skill cooldown, and grants 1x Grimheart stack.
  • Elemental skill (press) – Grants 1x Grimheart. However, since you already have two stacks, this wouldn’t matter. This is mostly to hit more enemies for the Lightfall Sword’s stacks.
  • Elemental skill (hold) – Consumes 2x Grimheart stacks and debuffs enemies.

Note 1: This rotation should be used after you’ve unlocked the “Wellspring of War-Lust” talent (after ascending her past level 70).

Note 2: Don’t forget to keep using your normal attack swipes to hit mobs once the Lightfall Sword appears. Normal attacks will grant additional energy charges that boost the Lightfall Sword’s explosion.

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If you time everything right, the Lightfall Sword should explode after seven secondsĀ  (after you’ve consumed the Grimheart stacks). In conjunction with all the energy stacks you’ve obtained, along with foes debuffed by the Grimheart consumption, you’ll notice the massive Physical damage once the Lightfall Sword goes boom. You can hit for roughly 180,000 to 215,000 damage depending on your weapons and artifacts.

In any case, since we’re highly reliant on the Lightfall Sword’s explosion, we’re going to need artifacts and weapons that can exponentially boost Physical damage further (not Cryo damage). Lastly, the above implies that you should avoid switching to another character while Eula’s in the middle of her rotation. Doing so can severely ruin your timing and the DPS output. At best, you can pre-cast skills from other characters such as Fischl, Albedo, or Xiangling (and other Pyro characters for the Melt proc). Then, swap to Eula and let her have a go at enemies.

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub as well as our version 1.5 overview.

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