Genshin Impact: Evernight Temple fragment puzzle guide

Genshin Impact Evernight Temple Fragment Puzzle Guide Trail Of Drake And Serpent

The next part in the Enkanomiya main quest in Genshin Impact requires you to find three fragments. One of these is in the Evernight Temple. Here’s our Genshin Impact Evernight Temple secret room puzzle guide to help you with The Trail of Drake and Serpent section of the quest.

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Genshin Impact: Enkanomiya guide – Evernight Temple secret room fragment puzzle

The Evernight Temple area is at the eastern edge of Enkanomiya. Tag the quest to see the marker, then glide from Dainichi Mikoshi to reach the opposite landmass. You should see a narrow gap through the temple ruins (seen in the image below). Go through it and take a look at the glowing spots. These are “trails of Bathysmal Vishaps,” and you just need to interact with all three of them.

Genshin Impact Evernight Temple Fragment Puzzle Guide Trail Of Drake And Serpent 1

Soon, you’ll find a Dais of Day and Night. After beating the enemies, you should be able to interact with it as long as it’s Evernight (i.e., blue). This will reveal a small room.

Inside, you’ll see a Triangular Mechanism (it requires Whitenight to be active), as well as two switches on the walls.

Gen Pct 4enk Pz1dr 1

Switch to Whitenight and hit the Triangular Mechanism a couple of times to move the wall. You can use the wall switches to open the gates, allowing the wall to continue moving.

This will open the corridor behind. Go up the staircase to reach the secret room with the chest.

Gen Pct 4enk Pz1dr 2

Before you can open it, though, you’ll need to battle several Rifthounds. After taking them out, you can access the chest. This nets you the Evernight Temple fragment in Genshin Impact.

Note: Don’t forget to complete the other puzzles in Serpent’s Heart and The Narrows. When you’re done with all three, return to Aru and be ready for a fight.

Genshin Impact Evernight Temple Fragment Puzzle Guide Trail Of Drake And Serpent 2

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