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Genshin Impact: Fallen Falcon and Falcon Hunt quest guide

The hunt is on!

Falcon Hunt and Fallen Falcon are two quests in Genshin Impact. They involve two characters from Tanit Camp, as well as the acquisition of items from Consecrated Beasts. Here’s our Genshin Impact Fallen Falcon and Falcon Hunt guide to help you with your tasks for Masseira and Tadhla.

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Genshin Impact Fallen Falcon and Falcon Hunt guide


Before you can start the Falcon Hunt and Fallen Falcon quests in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to do other objectives first:

  • Dirge of Bilqis – The entirety of this multi-stage quest chain must be completed.
  • Rejoice With Me/Exchange of Goods – This sidequest from Jeht pops up as soon as you’re done with Dirge of Bilqis. I’m not 100% sure if it’s a requirement, but you ought to try it nonetheless.
  • Daily reset – After the above tasks, you’ll have to wait for one daily reset.

Falcon Hunt

When you’re all set, it’s time to do the Falcon Hunt quest in Genshin Impact. You can get it from Masseira at Tanit Camp (he’s just below the Statue of the Seven). He tells you about his lost falcon Tadhla. No, Tadhla is not a bird, but an actual person. Head to the marked location and you’ll find her captured by Fatui (seen in the image above). Take out the hostiles to free her and return to Masseira.

Speak with Masseira again and wait until the next day (i.e., advance the in-game clock until it’s between 0800 to 1200). Next, talk to Tadhla once more, and you’ll be off to a hunt. Here’s the gist:

  • You’ll look for three Consecrated Beasts (one after the other). Their locations are always marked on your map, so make sure you’re tracking the quest.
  • The Red Vulture is all the way north near the Debris of Panjvahe fast travel point. Interact with the glowing bits on the ground for its trail.
  • When you reach its lair, you’ll need to wait until it’s 0100 to 0300. A battle will commence, but Tadhla will assist you, and she tends to take aggro.
  • Your next target is the Necrotic Scorpion, which is close to the Qusayr Al-Inkhida fast travel point. Upon arriving there, tell Tadhla that you don’t need any bait, which leads to a fight. As usual, she’ll help you out, but you do need to take out two Consecrated Scorpion enemies.
  • The third and final target is the Flying Serpent, which is near the Setekh Wenut’s arena. As you advance through the tunnel, Tadhla will feel ill. That means you’ll battle the Flying Serpent on your own.
  • Once you’ve eliminate the beast, the nearby wall will crumble, revealing another one of Liloupar’s upgrades.
  • After the short scene and dialogue, a chest will appear. This has the Temple of Gurabad chess piece.
  • Make your way back to Masseira and hand over the three items you got from the creatures. This will conclude the Falcon Hunt quest.

Fallen Falcon

As for the Fallen Falcon quest in Genshin Impact, you won’t actually receive it immediately from Masseira. Instead, you’ll need to fast travel to a different location, then return to him. If the quest marker doesn’t pop up, then you might need to advance the in-game clock until the next day (around noontime).

In any case, Masseira should ask you for another favor, and you’d go and talk to Tadhla. You’ll find her in Safhe Shatranj, and she seems to have a lot on her mind. Suddenly, she’ll turn hostile, and a battle will ensue. Defeat your one-time buddy to pick up Tadhla’s Feather.

When you head back to Masseira, he’s not in his old location anymore. However, he’s left a note warning you that the hunt is not yet over. This completes the Fallen Falcon quest in Genshin Impact. At this point, you can also do the Apocalypse Lost quest.

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