Genshin Impact Fantastic Compass Puzzle Needle Guide

After completing the Lightshaper puzzle, your Chasm group will have a long chat. Arataki Itto will even create a Dark Souls boss arena. I’m kidding, he’ll just break open a passageway into another domain. Here’s our Genshin Impact Fantastic Compass puzzle guide to help you with the Needle mechanic in the Perilous Trail event.

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Genshin Impact Fantastic Compass puzzle guide (Perilous Trail event)

When you first enter the domain, you’ll control Yanfei and you’ll be up against a bunch of Treasure Hoarders. If you haven’t obtained her yet, now would be a good time to learn about Yanfei’s capabilities.

Once the hostiles have been defeated, take note of the large compass in the distance and the smaller one near you. You don’t need to interact with the smaller one for now. Instead, pick up the note near the crate and pass through the portal. Paimon will remark that it’s as though you’re in another world, crossing through time and space.

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After exiting, you’ll be back in the same area, but it appears that it’s nighttime already. Yelan will also arrive, and you’ll control her in the next fight. You’ll battle a few Fatui, so this is your chance to try Yelan’s skills if you don’t have her yet.

In any case, finishing the short fight leads to a notification about the Fantastic Compass puzzle in Genshin Impact. Take note of the small compass and the controls (i.e., rotate the needle forward and backward), as you need to be very careful in order to reach the exit.

Note: Considering time travel mechanics, the actions that you take will influence what appears in the next room when you go through the portal.

Genshin Impact Fantastic Compass Puzzle Needle Guide 1a

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Rotate the needle backward and pass through the portal.
  • Destroy the tree sapling. Do not interact with the compass and just pass through the portal.
  • There’s no tree in the next room since it was destroyed as a sapling. Rotate the needle forward.

Genshin Impact Fantastic Compass Puzzle Needle Guide 1b

This is the “red room” where Xiao will join your group. It seems that the spirit of another Yaksha, Bosacius, has been lingering here.

You’ll control Xiao as the phantom hands of Bosacius attempt to hit him. I’m not entirely sure if you do need to attack the spirits, but that’s what I did. Then again, it might be possible to just let the dialogue play normally without bothering to attack with Xiao.

Genshin Impact Fantastic Compass Puzzle Needle Guide 2a

After “defeating” Bosacius, you’ll need to do a few more steps:

  • Pass through the portal.
  • In the next area, take a look at the right-hand side to find a lever that can be pulled. Pass through the portal again.
  • This will ensure that the gate is unlocked. Destroy the cobwebs and interact with the compass. Rotate the needle backward twice.
  • The group will chat here for a while.

Genshin Impact Fantastic Compass Puzzle Needle Guide 2b

Once you regain control of your character, rotate the needle so that it points to the symbol in the lower right corner. Pass through the portal one last time and you’re almost done.

Open the chest to grab your loot and exit the domain. This completes the Fantastic Compass puzzle in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Fantastic Compass Puzzle Needle Guide 2c

There’s some dialogue involved in the next stage, followed by an epic cutscene. In it, the group attempts to escape The Chasm and Xiao decides to sacrifice himself to ensure their safety.

At the last second, Zhongli manages to rescue him, and everyone manages to make their way above ground.

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There’s more dialogue, and you’d have to visit a location that’s marked on your map to conclude Xiao’s arc (for now). This interlude is then concluded by another cinematic showing the fate of Bosacius. You can watch it in the YouTube video below:

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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