Genshin Impact: The Final Chapter quest guide (Kusava arc)

Genshin Impact The Final Chapter Kusava

Now that you have the Zohrah Mushroom and Barsam Flower, it’s time to do one last task. You’ll also gain another function for your Kusava gadget. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide for The Final Chapter Quest, one that’s related to Aranyaka Part 2 and Adventure with Aranara.

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Genshin Impact The Final Chapter quest guide

The Final Chapter quest in Genshin Impact takes place in Mawtiyima Forest. If you haven’t been there yet, this would be a good time to tag the nearby fast travel points. Most of them are further up on the giant mushrooms and hills, so having access to them helps with exploration and traversal.

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Anyway, the fella you’re looking for is named Aranaga. He wants you to find something called Yajna Grass. When you do arrive at that location, you’ll notice that it’s magically sealed. And, yes, that means you’ll have to break all three seals as well.

The Kusava power you’ll receive allows you to lift objects that are submerged. The targetting is a bit iffy, however, so keep trying.

After breaking the seals and grabbing the Yajna Grass, all three Aranara pals will appear in the same spot. Wait until it’s between 2300 and 0100, and tell them that you’re ready to proceed.

The flowers that you obtained will be offered to one of the plants, allowing it to grow and reveal an underground chamber.

The goal here is to go around the area so you can cleanse the massive Withering Zone. A seelie will float around to guide you, and there are a lot of grapple points to aid you as well.

Each section has a couple of totems that need to be activated with Dendro, but they’re inaccessible at the start. This means you’ll have to alternate Kusava powers depending on what needs to be done:

  • Yellow – repairs totems
  • Green – smashes rocks
  • Red – lifts submerged objects

After all three sections have been cleared, jump down and beat up the mobs in the last Withering Zone. Cleanse the area to complete The Final Chapter quest in Genshin Impact.

Note: This isn’t the last objective in the unbelievably time-consuming Aranyaka quest line. You’ll have to help some siblings with their cooking, delve deeper into a strange structure that can control the weather, and investigate a gargantuan Ruin Golem. All those tasks are required if you want to finish your Adventure with Aranara so you can organize the Festival Utsava.

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