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Inazuma Fishing Points

Let’s talk about the Fishing Points in Inazuma.


Here are the ones on Narukami Island and Seirai Island:

  • Ritou – At the docks.
  • Violet Court – Behind the domain itself.
  • Koseki Village (Seirai Island) – There are two that are close to the Statue of the Seven.

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Finally, here are the ones on Watatsumi Island and Kannazuka/Tatarasuna:

  • Nazuchi Beach – At the northern side of the large shipwreck.
  • Tatarasuna/Kujou Encampment – You’ll see a shipwreck to the northeast of a fast travel point/Waverider waypoint.
  • Suigetsu Pool – Close to the teleporter in this area with the Palace in a Pool domain.
  • Sangonomiya Shrine – Go to the northernmost fast travel point and you’ll find this below the waterfall.

Are there more Fishing Points in Genshin Impact? I do think so. As of the moment, they’re quite hard to find because their ripple effects will only become visible once you get close enough. If you discover more, please let us know.

In any case, you can take a look at the other parts of our Genshin Impact fishing guide series. We discuss the locations of Medaka, Rusty Koi/Golden Koi, and Raimei Angelfish, as well as The Catch polearm.

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