Genshin Impact free fates

miHoYo is often meme’d by the community of being a little less than generous, which is why many players were surprised to see a certain special reward in their gift boxes. Genshin Impact players were treated to two free Intertwined Fates the other day by miHoYo as a special celebration for the Lantern Rite, a festival that’s celebrated in-game. But players who have eyes were able to tell that they only got those two Fates by mistake. MiHoYo sent duplicate copies of the mail.

Players who opened their in-game mail received a Lantern Rite gift for Day 1/5, as miHoYo planned on giving five different days of rewards. However, some players actually received two of these gifts in error. If the duplicate text and headers in-game didn’t make it obvious, miHoYo confirmed it as so on its official Twitter account the other day. In short, not all players received two copies of the free gift. But in the interest of fairness, miHoYo decided to distribute the prizes to all players.


“Due to a configuration issue with the in-game mail, Travelers on some servers received two copies of the mail ‘Flowing Lights and Colors’ – Lantern Rite Gifts,” miHoYo wrote in its Twitter message. “Between 2022/02/09 0:00 (server time) and the end of V2.4, all Travelers will receive a total of two copies of the mail. Travelers who have already received two copies will not be able to claim these same rewards again. We will not withdraw any rewards already issued.”

A rare freebie

Intertwined Fates are the special premium currency you can use to summon for new characters or weapons in Genshin Impact. Two free fates in Genshin Impact may not seem like a big deal, but for a community that revels at the chance to get just one, this was a pretty special moment. Besides, it’s always fun when things are given by mistake.

Genshin Impact free fates

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