Genshin Impact Genius Invokation How To Get More Cards
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Genshin Impact: How to get more Genius Invokation cards

Card collection commence!

Genshin Impact‘s Genius Invokation TCG has dozens of cards for you to collect. Many of these will prove to be useful, since you’ll want the ideal setup when battling your foes. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you get more Genius Invokation cards.

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Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG guide – How to get more Genius Invokation cards

To get more Genius Invokation cards in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to take note of four methods:

  • Prince the Cat Vendor
  • Friendly Fracas
  • NPC Challenges
  • Tavern Challenges

Prince the Cat Vendor

Prince isn’t just awesome because he’s a cat, but it’s also due to all the cards that he sells. Certain cards like locations and weapons/equipment can only be obtained if you buy it from him using Lucky Coins (which are rewarded when you beat opponents in challenges). Apart from actual cards, he also sells cardbacks and dynamic skins (i.e., animated variants).

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Friendly Fracas

Perhaps the most important items that Prince sells are the Match Invitation Cards. These cost 1,000 Lucky Coins, and additional ones become available as you increase your rank. The items are used to challenge some of your favorite heroes via the bulletin board near him.

These matches are part of the Friendly Fracas, which involves the chosen hero using their own deck. To get that character’s Genius Invokation card, you’ll need to complete the requirements. These usually involve (a) winning the match, (b) winning the match in less than six rounds, and (c) winning with less than two characters getting defeated/KO’d.

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NPC Challenges

Check the Casket of Tomes in your Gadgets menu and select the “Search for Player” command. This causes several icons to pop up on the map, representing the NPCs that you can do battle with. These are known as Adventure Battles, where the NPC only uses enemy/mob cards. If you manage to complete the requirements in the encounter, then you might obtain their own support card.

Tavern Challenges

Last but not least, there are Tavern Challenges that get unlocked once you reach Rank 3. Think of these as boss battles in the Cat’s Tail Tavern. Defeat your foe, and you might acquire yet another card for your efforts.

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