Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Guide Rewards

There’s another event in Genshin Impact and it’s got a lot of rewards. Here’s our guide to help you out with the Gliding Challenge.

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Genshin Impact: Gliding Challenge event guide

A mini-quest should pop up on your HUD notifying you that Genshin Impact‘s Gliding Challenge can be started. Go ahead and visit Hughes near Luhua Pool (his location on the map can be marked from your quest panel).

From here, you’re given a quick rundown on what you need to do during a Gliding Challenge.

Genpct Gldch 1

The main objective is to fly through the rings all the way to the end of the course. But, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The first would be the little Anemo particles (light green orbs). By collecting these, you can store up to two “sprints” (or aerial bursts). When you left-click on your mouse, your character gets a short burst of speed which can be helpful if you need to reach the next ring.

Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Guide Rewards 1

The second would be the insignias, little gold coins that are floating in mid-air. You’ll want to collect all the insignias to gain the highest possible score.

Of course, there will be times when your character is too high in the air, but an insignia might be further down below. You’ll need to drop (press spacebar), then press the spacebar again so you can float, pick up the insignia, and glide to the next ring.

Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Guide Rewards 2

Anyway, when you’re done, check on the Gliding Challenge panel from Genshin Impact‘s event screen. You should see the course you just completed, your score, and the possible rewards.

For “Birds in the Breeze,” the rewards are:

  • Bronze (10,000 points) – 60 primogems.
  • Silver (20,000 points) – 30,000 mora and two Guides to Freedom (talent leveling material).
  • Gold (30,000 points) – 30,000 mora and three Hero’s Wit (character leveling material).

There are seven courses in total, but only one is available as of now. The others should be made available in due time. Just remember that Genshin Impact‘s Gliding Challenge event runs from December 4 to December 14, so try to check back each day to complete the runs and grab the rewards.

Note: If you get a gold ranking for the first day’s Gliding Challenge, go take a look at the Battle Pass screen. You’ll get a whopping 1,200 Battle Pass EXP for that.

Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge Guide Rewards 3

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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