Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost In The Sands Abdju Pit Ruins Scarlet Sand Slate

Golden Slumber is a fairly lengthy quest chain in Genshin Impact. It will take you to the depths of Sumeru Desert, discovering ancient ruins and intricate contraptions as you go along. Here’s our Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost in the Sands guide to help you with the Abdju Pit ruins puzzles and the Scarlet Sand Slate item.

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Genshin Impact Golden Slumber quest guide – Lost in the Sands, Abdju Pit ruins, and Scarlet Sand Slate

After meeting the archaeologists and mercs, Tirzad will open the doorway that leads deeper into the Abdju Pit ruins. In the first room, you’ll see a matrix robot enemy, a Sacred Seal: Sheep Head, and a device that asks you for your clearance.

You can’t do anything about the last one. Instead, head to where the Dendroculus is and ride the elevator down.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost In The Sands Abdju Pit Ruins Scarlet Sand Slate 1

Follow the Seelie as it leads you through the corridors. Eventually, you’ll arrive at another chamber. Here’s what you’ll notice:

  • A Seelie will pass through the locked doorway that can only be opened via the sealed switch.
  • An “Oddish” (yes, I’ll call it that) floating around.
  • Three Pyro totems that can be lit.
  • One spectral totem that you can’t interact with.

To solve this puzzle, simply use an Electro ability on the Oddish as it passes close to the spectral totem. This will trigger the Catalyze reaction, causing the solidified totem to materialize.

Note: If you accidentally burned the Oddish with Pyro, use Dendro on it so it starts moving again.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost In The Sands Abdju Pit Ruins Scarlet Sand Slate 2

Open the sealed doorway to spot another clearance panel that you can’t use. Then, head down the flight of stairs to pick up the Sacred Seal: Valley item.

Next, there’s a short conversation with the NPCs. Ride the elevator to the top and interact with the curious-looking machine. Jeht will name it Benben, but I’m tempted to call it 343 Genshin Spark.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost In The Sands Abdju Pit Ruins Scarlet Sand Slate 3

Anyway, talk to the group once more. 343 Genshin Spark will cause Tirzad’s device to light up. He’ll hand it over.

This is the Scarlet Sand Slate item in Genshin Impact. With it, you’ll be able to interact with the panels and other objects in King Deshret’s ruins. It won’t work for all due to the required clearance level, but it should be enough for this area.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost In The Sands Abdju Pit Ruins Scarlet Sand Slate 4

Here are the next steps:

  • Ride the elevator back to the upper floor and open the door. Pick up the keystone and stand on top of the ornate slab to spawn a focusing beam.
  • In the next room, you’ll see a couple of keystones and two plates. Grab one of them at a time to create the objects on each plate. Rotate these so the beams remove the seal.
  • Don’t forget to pick up the Sacred Seal: Giant Serpent tablet.
  • Take out the mobs in the last room.

When you’re done, follow the marker to head back outside. Another NPC will greet you, and a Seelie is also there to guide your way to the exit. Once you’re outside, the Lost in the Sands portion of the Golden Slumber quest in Genshin Impact will be completed. This is followed by another part called An Introduction to Indoor Archaeology.

Note: If you go the opposite direction in the tunnels, you’ll end up in the Sobek Oasis Temple. This, too, has a challenge/puzzle that you can do using the Scarlet Sand Slate.

Genpct Gldslm2 Lstdes 3

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