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Genshin Impact The Great Gathering guide – Related quests

The only quest that’s actually part of The Great Gathering activity in Genshin Impact is called Petal-Lit Ships Fish for the Moon. That’s a very odd name, eh? However, you might be prevented from starting this quest because of another task in A Lone Ship in Guyun (assuming you haven’t completed that yet).


A Lone Ship in Guyun is a world quest that requires you to go to The Alcor, Beidou’s pirate ship. If you’re tracking the quest, you’ll notice several NPC markers. Still, only a select few have tasks for you:

  • Juza – Bring 3x meat.
  • Little Yue – Give a present to Changchang in Liyue Harbor.
  • Yingxing – Give a letter to Bolai in Liyue Harbor.

After completing these tasks, Beidou and Xinyan should spawn in The Alcor. You can then start the correct quest.

Gen Pct Ltrev2 Ggth D1 1b

A Waverider Waypoint will appear just east of the Domain of Guyun. Sail it to the marked location and engage the Treasure Hoarders on the small island. You’ll notice that one of the elite Treasure Hoarders is extremely tanky. To damage it, use the explosives box nearby and press the “T” button. The explosion should cause over 20,000 damage, but it’ll also allow you to hit harder.

The other part of this quest requires you to sail the Waverider to collect salvage. Sometimes it’s guarded by enemies, so blow them up and collect the stuff.

Gen Pct Ltrev2 Ggth D1 2a

When you’re done with everything, talk to Beidou, followed by Ningguang back in the Jade Chamber. This completes the quest, subsequently making the other challenges available.

Let’s go to the next part of our Genshin Impact The Great Gathering guide to discuss Interrogation by Night and Curio Salvage.

Gen Pct Ltrev2 Ggth D1 2b

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