Genshin Impact Aphotic Diffusal Aftermath Call Of Ice And Thunder

After activating the Towers of the Void, you can do The Aftermath of the Aphotic Diffusal quest in Genshin Impact. This will lead to a few more steps and some key battles, including one against a returning foe. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with The Aftermath and the Call of Ice and Thunder.

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Genshin Impact – The Aftermath and the Call of Ice and Thunder

The Aftermath

Return to Dainichi Mikoshi and talk to Tsumi again. She tells you about an Abyss Lector whom you’ll find in the Library area. Guess who it is? Well, it’s none other than our old pal, “Enjou,” who’s here for another bout. Avoid his spells and drop his HP until he brings out his Pyro shield. Continue avoiding his attacks while causing elemental reactions to deplete his shield. Once Enjou is defeated, he’ll give you another pendant fragment (he really has funny dialogue, by the way).

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The next time you return to the central shrine, Tsumi is nowhere to be found. Now, you’ll have to use three mechanisms to guide the light. These will be marked on your map, so no need to worry. Here’s the gist:

  • The first area (northwest) is fairly straightforward, and it given teaches some of the basics. For instance, you can use the Bokuso Box to reveal invisible stairs.
  • The second area (northeast) can be reached by activating the Anemo totem and riding the wind current upward.
  • Finally, the third area (south) has a gigantic ruined structure near it. You’ll want to climb to the top of this structure and glide until you reach the first platform. Do a bit of platforming, and try not to fall down.
  • Note: It seems that you don’t actually need to climb to the top of the ruins in the third area. You’ll be able to teleport instead. I wasn’t aware of that since I was gliding around as Kazuha. Thanks to Shiro Kami in the comments for letting me know.

When you reach the top of these areas, use the Bokuso Box once more to activate the mechanism. After finishing the tasks in all three locations, a short cutscene will trigger.

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The Call of Ice and Thunder

Technically, the Call of Ice and Thunder is only unlocked once the whole Aphotic Diffusal quest has been completed. However, that’s the term that I’ll use for this section since the mechanics are the same.

Basically, when you return to Dainichi Mikoshi, you’ll be able to jump down the chasm where you’d normally fight the Bathysmal Vishap Herd. At the very bottom, you’ll see the same two bosses (the Cryo and Electro Bathysmal Vishaps). They do retain the same mechanics from the farmable encounter, but there are some key caveats.

Genshin Impact Aphotic Diffusal Aftermath Call Of Ice And Thunder 1

First, black orbs will spawn periodically in the arena. You need to run around and activate the Bokuso Box to remove these. If you’re unable to, then the bosses will gobble these up and regenerate their HP. Second, you might see a glowing circle on the ground. This will restore your Bokuso Box’s charge in case it’s been depleted. As usual, you can follow the same tactics to eliminate these enemies.

When you’re done, you’ll meet Tsumi back up top. She promises vengeance, though she learns more about her identity after you give her the two pendant fragments. She does change her mind, and you can relay everything that happened to Kokomi. This concludes the entire Aphotic Diffusal quest, as well as the Three Realms Gateway Offering event in Genshin Impact. Or, rather, it seems that it’s over (there’s no event panel saying that another phase will be unlocked in X number of days).

Genshin Impact Aphotic Diffusal Aftermath Call Of Ice And Thunder 2

Speaking of the event panel, you can check it to find the Call of Ice and Thunder challenge. This simply entails battling the two Bathysmal Vishaps again in the same location.

You can increase the difficulty to make the fight tougher, and also earn extra rewards (i.e., mora, primogems, and ores).

Genshin Impact Aphotic Diffusal Aftermath Call Of Ice And Thunder 3

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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