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Gacha games stir up feelings of jealousy often, and players with valuable accounts and lots of 5-star characters may find themselves the target of hacking. Losing an account in Genshin Impact can be devastating, but there are ways to recover your account if this happens to you. It’s especially important to be proactive in protecting your account if you spend money on the game, as Genshin Impact has a reputation for being quite expensive. If your Genshin Impact account has been hacked, below are the steps in how to recover it.

Here is an official statement by HoYoverse on why accounts often get hacked in Genshin Impact: “We’ve noticed reports recently from Travelers who had their accounts accessed without their authorization and stolen. Some of these hacks may be the result of “credential stuffing”, where hackers reuse usernames, emails, and passwords that were already leaked online in hopes that people are reusing the same info for their other accounts.”


How to recover your account in Genshin Impact

HoYoverse outlined a plan you can take if you believe your account fell victim to a hack. Email the following information to [email protected]:

  • Your UID
  • E-mail the account was registered with (or phone number)
  • Date and time of your last login
  • Registration date
  • Devices you use to access your account
  • Transactions you made, including confirmation numbers, date/time, amounts
  • Any other proof of ownership you can provide

In the resulting email, HoYoverse will send you an account recovery link which you can follow to further the process of getting your account back. Fill out all the required information in this form, and HoYoverse should be able to help you and get your account back in your hands. Users on Reddit who have gone through the process have posted about it, so you can use these statements as supporting information. Remember to never give out your username or password to anyone in any circumstance, and you likely will avoid this issue altogether.

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