Genshin Impact Khaj Nisut Three Trials Puzzles Golden Slumber Dreams Beneath The Searing Sand

After seeing a hologram of a map in Opet Hall, you’ll have to continue your journey with Tirzad, Jeht, and Jebrael. That will eventually lead you to more ancient ruins that hide dark secrets. Here’s our Genshin Impact Khaj-Nisut guide to help you with the three trials and puzzles therein, part of the Golden Slumber questline.

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Genshin Impact Golden Slumber quest guide – Khaj-Nisut three trials and puzzles guide

This portion of the Golden Slumber quest in Genshin Impact is called Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand. To start it, head back to Sobek Oasis. The group will have a discussion, whereupon Tirzad happily acts like a jerk once more. After a while, you’ll be asked to go to Khaj-Nisut in the northeastern corner of Sumeru Desert. You’ll battle a few Eremites there, and you’ll be asked to pass the trials.

In any case, I’ve split up our Genshin Impact Khaj-Nisut guide into a couple of sections. You can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with:

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