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Genshin Impact: Klee guide — Weapons, artifacts, and talents

Her DPS is dynamite!
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Klee’s best weapon: Multiple options

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Out of all the items in Genshin Impact, a select few can be considered as the best weapons for Klee.


Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (crit rate) – This 5-star catalyst can be considered the best-in-slot (BIS) weapon for Klee. It can easily trump others owing to its stacking elemental damage bonus (maximum of four stacks) while the character is active. The movement speed bonus also helps since Klee is a smaller character. In fact, the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is available now as part of the “Epitome Invocation” banner while Klee’s wish banner is also up.

Skyward Atlas (ATK%) – If you don’t have the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds, then Skyward Atlas (also another 5-star weapon) can be used on Klee. It provides an elemental damage increase. Likewise, normal attacks proc an effect that seeks out and deals damage to enemies.

Solar Pearl (crit rate) – The Solar Pearl is a 4-star catalyst. You do need to purchase the Gnostic Hymn upgrade for the Battle Pass, but, at the very least, it won’t be as expensive or heavily reliant on RNG as the 5-star weapons mentioned above. The weapon boosts Klee’s elemental skill/burst when you hit with normal attacks, and vice versa. It’s great due to Klee’s slightly “freeform” DPS rotation.

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The Widsith (crit damage) – The Widsith is a 4-star catalyst that can drop from wishes. It’s a lot easier to acquire and refine to its maximum level. It does have a little bit of randomness involved when it comes to the buff you’ll get (i.e., ATK, elemental damage, or elemental mastery). If all the stars align, though, then Klee can easily burst down her foes.

Mappa Mare (elemental mastery) – Mappa Mare is a purely free-to-play option, though it doesn’t aid Klee as much as the ones noted above. It does provide an elemental damage bonus whenever you trigger an elemental reaction (i.e., Vaporize, Melt, or Overload).

Dodoco Tales (ATK%) – There is, however, another free-to-play option that will become available soon as part of the Midsummer Island Adventure premier event. Dodoco Tales has a particular effect that lets normal attacks buff charged attack damage, and charged attacks boost ATK overall. This might be the best (freebie) weapon for Klee in Genshin Impact once we can pick it up from the event shop.

All right, let’s talk about the best artifacts for Klee in the next part of our Genshin Impact guide.

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