Genshin Impact: Klee guide — Weapons, artifacts, and talents

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Klee’s talent priorities

So, how exactly do Klee’s talents work in Genshin Impact?


Normal Attack: Kaboom! – The name itself already implies that this is your go-to pick for DPS throughput. Your normal attacks can be spammed without finishing the full flourish. It does require a bit of animation canceling (i.e, tapping the attack button to throw a bomb while pressing “W” to move forward or the spacebar to jump). You can also do the same for the charged attack which spawns a flower that’ll blast enemies.

Jumpty Dumpty – Klee’s elemental skill tosses a giant mine that bounces and spawns smaller mines. While part of a freeform rotation, it isn’t necessarily something you’d prioritize compared to her normal/charged attacks. At best, it can be used to cancel the normal attack animations and gain the 4-piece Crimson Witch buff.

Sparks ‘n’ Splash – Ideally, you’ll want to level up Klee’s elemental burst after ranking up her normal attack further. The burst will summon floating flowers that fire lasers and blow up enemies. Leveling this up also provides a bigger boost if Klee is already at constellation rank 1 (C1).

Other talents

  • Pounding Surprise – Klee’s normal attacks and elemental skill have a 50% chance to grant an Explosive Spark. This makes the next charged attack consume no stamina while dealing +50% more damage.
  • Sparkling Burst – When Klee’s charged attack results in a critical hit, all party members gain +2 elemental energy.
  • All of my Treasures – Displays resources/materials that are unique to Mondstadt on the minimap.

Note: Klee’s talents use Freedom booklets and samachurl scrolls to level up.

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Let’s face it, trying to get extra constellations on any 5-star character in Genshin Impact is extremely expensive. In any case, here are Klee’s constellations:

  • C1: Chained Reactions – Attacks and skills have a chance to summon sparks that bombard opponents, dealing 120% of the damage from Sparks ‘n’ Splash (elemental burst).
  • C2: Explosive Frags – Reduces the defenses of opponents by 23% for 10 seconds if they’re hit by the elemental skill’s mines.
  • C3: Exquisite Compound – +3 levels for your elemental skill; maximum level is 15.
  • C4: Sparkly Explosion – If Klee leaves the field during her elemental burst, an explosion will deal 555% of her ATK as Pyro damage.
  • C5: Nova Burst – +3 levels for your elemental burst; maximum level is 15.
  • C6: Blazing Delight – While the elemental burst is active, party members other than Klee will regenerate +3 energy. When the burst ends, all party members gain +10% Pyro damage bonus for 25 seconds.

Anyway, let’s go to the next part of our guide to discuss Klee’s ascension materials.

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