Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors Guide

Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors event guide – Completing challenges and earning rewards

Let’s discuss the rewards that you can obtain from the Labyrinth Warriors event in Genshin Impact. You can see these screens and menus if you open the event panel.


Event shop

The event shop has two tabs:

  • Trial Trove I (available now) – Crown of Insight and low-tier ascension gems.
  • Trial Trove II (will become available on October 27) – Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, mora, and talent booklets.

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Trial completion and Aged Token

The Labyrinth Warriors event shop uses the Aged Token currency. This is acquired by completing domain trials. The value is capped and you won’t get more even if you keep re-running trials. Moreover, the first trial completion you do nets you 3x Hero’s Wit and 30,000x mora.

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Charm Magic

Remember the Damaged Replicas that I mentioned earlier? Well, you can use that currency to reroll the available charm cards. Better yet, you can save some and just spend them on the Charm Magic panel. These will modify or buff certain facets, such as Shikifuda powers, drawing charm cards, or interactions with markers in the domain.

Gen Pct Lby Wr Ev Gd 2b

Martial Trial

This panel simply shows the tasks that you can do throughout the Labyrinth Warriors event in Genshin Impact. Tasks include defeating a number of opponents, igniting explosive barrels, bashing several destructible objects, drawing high-level charms, clearing domains without using the Curative Emplacement (i.e., party heal), and more. Each challenge task gives you 30x primogems, 2x Hero’s Wit, and 20,000x mora.

Gen Pct Lby Wr Ev Gd 2c

Blazing Unison

This rewards you with a free Xinyan (or her constellation if you already have her). You need to meet the following requirements:

  • Complete “Path of the Taishou” – This seems to be the quest chain that you can progress in the coming days.
  • Accumulate 4,000 Aged Tokens – Just continue amassing the currency by completing the next domain trials that become available. The value is cumulative, so you can still spend Aged Tokens in the event shop.

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Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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