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The Exquisite Night Chimes or Lantern Rite 2023 is a flagship event in Genshin Impact. This annual celebration of the Lunar New Year takes place in Liyue Harbor, with the city filled with dazzling sights and fireworks. Here’s our Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2023 guide to help you with all the mechanics that you need to know about the event.

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Genshin Impact Lantern Rite 2023 event guide

The Lantern Rite 2023 event in Genshin Impact has a few pre-requisites, including Yelan’s story quest. It can be quite a hassle, which is why there’s a “Quick Start” option that skips those parts. In any case, you should receive a quest called A Thousand Miles for an Enigmatic Tune. This has a ton of dialogue and conversations with various characters, and some minor tasks, too.

Basically, you’ll meet a musician from Fontaine named Dvorak. Likewise, you’ll be introduced to Yaoyao, a 4-star character added in the version 3.4 update. From there, you’ll talk to other peeps, such as Ganyu, Keqing, Ningguang, and more. Finally, you’ll assist Yelan in learning more about what the Treasure Hoarders are doing.

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When you’re finished with all of the above, you can partake in Genshin Impact‘s Lantern Rite 2023 activities:

  • Radiant Sparks – Run, dash, and glide as you collect coins.
  • Behind the Scenes – Eliminate groups of enemy mobs in each area.
  • Paper Theater – Switch slides and objects so the character can reach their goal.
  • Vigilance at Sea – Sail on your Waverider while amassing coins and avoiding hazards.

New phases of minigames/challenges will be unlocked in succeeding days. These activities reward you with primogems, talent booklets, mora, and Festive Fever. The end goal is to gain enough for the Fortuitous Invitation, which allows you to obtain any 4-star character from Liyue. You can learn more in our Fortuitous Invitation best character guide.

Note: Lastly, do be reminded that the Lantern Rite 2023 event runs from January 19 to February 6 only.

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Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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