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Qingce Village quests

You’ll interact with Ms. Bai (an NPC in the village) during all three quests. That’s why you must do these in the following order: Guardians of the Countryside, Qingce’s Lanterns, and The Gift of a Lantern.


Guardians of the Countryside

Talk to the herbalist and she’ll ask you to find a Qingxin, Calla Lily, and Lotus Head. Unfortunately, you can’t give the ones in your inventory. You’ll have to obtain the correct ones in the marked locations.

  • The Qingxin flower is at the summit of Wuwang Hill.
  • Calla Lily is at the riverbank. Kill a group of slimes to obtain it.
  • Lastly, the Lotus Head is near the riverbank too. But, you can only pick the flower once it’s past midnight.
  • Return to the herbalist when you’re done.

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Qingce’s Lanterns

  • Talk to Granny Rouxin and Ms. Bai.
  • Give 3x raw meat and 3x fowl to Ms. Bai.
  • Talk to Granny Rouxin again. Then, wait until nighttime.

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The Gift of a Lantern

  • Ms. Bai wants to give a Xiao Lantern to Jiangcheng (the villager who has a house at the rock formation separate from the rest).
  • Give Ms. Bai 1x of each Xiao Lantern material.
  • Clean the dust particles in Jiangcheng’s house using Anemo or Hydro.
  • Hang the Xiao Lantern (you can use the nearby teleporter and glide towards the rooftop).

Anyway, in keeping with the Qingce Village theme, let’s go ahead and talk to Vermeer for the conclusion of the “Verses and Vistas” quest.

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