Genshin Impact Lantern Rite Tales Guide Genshin Impact Festive Fever

Day 2 update

There are a couple of Lantern Rite Tales that became available today, February 11.


Keeping Wanmin’s Patrons Fed

  • Chef Mao wants you to deliver food to an NPC in Liyue Harbor. This has a short timer.
  • You’ll then speak to three more NPCs to ask them about the food they want. Even if you make the wrong decision, you’ll get another chance to pick the correct one.
  • Return to Chef Mao and give him a Xiao Lantern.

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A Festive First Adventure

  • Tiantian asks you to glide through a couple of tracks.
  • As usual, go through the rings to gain a speed boost and collect any floating Xiao Lanterns that you see.

Gen Pct Lrtls Qst 2b

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