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Liloupar’s Cell is a location in Genshin Impact. You’ll visit it as part of Dirge of Bilqis – Temple Where Sands Flow Like Tears. While the area isn’t particularly large, you’ll meet a certain NPC here that will aid you in your adventures. Here’s our Genshin Impact Liloupar’s Cell puzzle guide to help you with the solution so you can get a Luxurious Chest.

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Genshin Impact Liloupar’s Cell puzzle guide (Dirge of Bilqis)

The Liloupar’s Cell location in Genshin Impact is accessible after you’re done with the objectives in Gurabad’s Ruin. Once you exit the pyramid, you’ll see that the sand in Safhe Shatranj has been completely drained. Although there are various puzzles/challenge markers here, we’ll simply focus on our main task, which is inside the temple on the opposite side. Interact with the switch to open the doorway and head down below.

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Shortly thereafter, you’ll see a giant tree in the distance. As you approach it, Jeht will stop you, causing an Algorithm Matrix boss to appear. You should be familiar with its abilities already, so take it out. Go closer to the tree and you’ll find a curious-looking object that you can pick up, causing the environment to wither. The object will talk to you, revealing that her name is Liloupar, a genie inside a floating lamp.

After the conversation, check under the withered tree and you’ll notice a chest. Inside, you’ll find the King Deshret’s Pillar chess piece.

Your next objective is to leave the area but, before you do that, you might want to solve the Liloupar’s Cell puzzle in Genshin Impact. The idea here is to activate the three Dendro totems:

  • One is behind the tree. You just need to take out the Electro Scorpion and its buddies.
  • The second is at the edge of the chamber, and it’s a Weathered Obelisk puzzle. The solution for it is just across from that spot: W -> H – >F.
  • The third is also part of a Weathered Obelisk puzzle. You’ll likely see only a couple of stones that serve as hints, so it’ll boil down to a process of elimination: Wave -> S -> Triple Dot.

After opening the Luxurious Chest, take the path that leads back outside. Jeht and Liloupar will have an argument, causing the former to leave. Likewise, some Eremite bandits will attack you.

From here, your task is to go to each marked location, all while taking out Eremites and other mobs. Also, if you check the sloping path with the seelie, you can pick up a Pathfinder’s Note. Assuming you’ve done everything in the Golden Slumber arc, it should give you the last glyph for your Sumeru Desert Keystone.

Once you’ve left the Liloupar’s Cell location in Genshin Impact, all you need to do is fast travel back to Tanit Camp and talk to Babel. Report your findings, then have a chat with Jeht and Azariq. You may also challenge Azariq in a game of Genius Invokation.

This concludes the Temple Where Sands Flow Like Tears branch of the quest. Up next, you’ll tackle Dune-Entombed Fecundity Part 1.

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