Genshin Impact: Lotus Eater and Dragonbone Orb guide

Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Dragonbone Orb Dragonbone Flower

Lotus Eater is a quest in Genshin Impact‘s Enkanomiya region. It’s a fairly short romp that takes you to various landmasses, but you do need to wait for a delay reset to obtain the reward. Here’s our Genshin Impact Lotus Eater guide to help you with Spartacus’ puzzle and the Dragonbone Orb reward.

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Genshin Impact Lotus Eater and Dragonbone Orb guide

To start the Lotus Eater quest in Genshin Impact, go to the Serpent’s Heart area and make sure it’s Evernight. If you jump off the northwestern section, you’ll find a cavernous opening. Follow it until you see a challenge marker and zap teleporter.

Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Dragonbone Orb Dragonbone Flower 1

Instead of interacting with those objects, take a look at the wall instead. It will reveal symbols and pips.

As usual, you’ll return to the Serpent’s Heart puzzle area. Go to the spectral doorways in the order shown on the symbols and pips. If you do it right, a shade will appear.

Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Dragonbone Orb Dragonbone Flower 2

The shade doesn’t remember its name, but it keeps talking about its children (creepy).

Check the puzzle site’s surroundings to find a gravestone. You’ll learn that the shade’s name is Supada no Hiko or Spartacus.

Genshin Impact Lotus Eater Dragonbone Orb Dragonbone Flower 3

Now, you might’ve visited the next part if you’re already done with The Narrows Secret Room puzzle. Basically, you’ll do the following:

  • Check the cliffside area in the northern section of The Narrows.
  • You’ll find a ledge with several Triangular Mechanisms. Hit each of these twice until you’re notified that the lanterns are in the correct spots.
  • Go inside and, in the room where you pick up the Secret Room Key, you’ll also find a shade named Adonis.
  • Reply to Adonis with: “After the sun, the darkness starts…”

Gen Pct Enksec 8ltsdrb 1

Next, use the northwestern fast travel point in Evernight Temple. Eliminate the Bathysmal Vishaps in the flooded area and interact with the pool of water.

After a bit of mumbo jumbo, you’re told that you have the Waters of Lethe.

Gen Pct Enksec 8ltsdrb 2

Finally, you’ll need to return to the Serpent’s Bowels, the very first area where you spawned in Enkanomiya. In the distance, you should see a gigantic Dragonbone Flower. Climb to the top and interact with it.

All you need to do is wait for one daily reset. When that happens, you can pick up the Dragonbone Orb and complete the Lotus Eater quest in Genshin Impact. Sadly, the Dragonbone Orb doesn’t really do much. As far as I can tell, you can sell it to a Souvenir Shop for 80,000 gold and some food.

Gen Pct Enksec 8ltsdrb 3

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