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A couple of days ago, Genshin Impact‘s Unreconciled Stars event went live. Now, we’ve got a continuation with Part II – Star of Deceitful Dreams. This one introduces the Meteorite Salvage activity, some more hilarity with Fischl, and the appearance of Mona. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Genshin Impact’s Unrenconciled Stars event: Part II – Star of Deceitful Dreams and the Meteorite Salvage activity

I believe you’ll need to complete Genshin Impact‘s Unknown Star quest first (the first part of the Unreconciled Stars event). After this, you should be able to start the Star of Deceitful Dreams phase.

Anyway, click on the pages below for the content that you need help with:

Gen Pct Star Of Deceitful Dreams Guide 1a

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