Genshin Impact Nightwatch Contract Locations How To Use Nightwatch Contract Guide

Genshin Impact – How to use the Nightwatch Contract on Twinning Isle

So, how exactly do you use the Nightwatch Contracts in Genshin Impact? Well, you’ll need to find perches/takeoff points with raven statues.


The closest one is a bit southeast from the Immernachtreich Keep fast travel point. When you reach the stone steps in front of the castle, glide southeast until you see a raven on a platform. Interact with the raven and give it one of your Nightwatch Contracts.

Gen Pct 28 Immr Nght Cont 1a

Select either of the two destinations to cause wind currents/wind rings to appear. Once you land in the next area, you’ll see a different raven statue that also needs a Nightwatch Contract. Do this for the third location/landing zone so you can access the wind rings whenever you wish.

Gen Pct 28 Immr Nght Cont 1b

As for the last two Nightwatch Contract perch locations in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to glide to one of the small islands to the southeast (seen in an image below).

Once more, you can use the Immernachtreich Keep fast travel point so you’re further up in the air when you start gliding.

Gen Pct 28 Immr Nght Cont 2a

Hand over the ticket to the statue and ride the wind current to your left. The rings here will take you for a loop around Twinning Isle.

At the same time, you’ll want to be on the lookout for two interconnected parapets. There’s a raven statue that’s waiting there. Provide your last ticket and use the next set of wind currents. This part is akin to a roller coaster ride due to the zany ways you’ll zoom around the castle.

Once you’ve made a full circuit, you should be close to the raven statue on the floating parapets. Talk to that fella and you’ll receive a Common Chest for your troubles.

Gen Pct 28 Immr Nght Cont 2b

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