Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus Farming Locations Guide Tighnari

Nilotpala Lotus is one of the materials that you can collect in Genshin Impact‘s Sumeru region. It’s something you’ll want to acquire to ascend newly introduced characters further. Here’s our Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus farming guide to help you obtain these materials for characters like Tighnari.

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Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus farming guide

In all likelihood, the first time you’ll spot Nilotpala Lotus in Genshin Impact is when Tighnari asks you to collect a few for Collei’s medicine. These plants can only be found in bodies of water in the region (i.e., ponds and rivers). The downside is that you’ll sometimes need to swim if the water is too deep, which can lead to flubs if you’re already low on stamina when running or gliding around. In any case, you can check the images and maps below for the Nilotpala Lotus farming locations in Genshin Impact.

Note: If you have Tighnari, his passive talent marks the nodes of Sumeru-specific materials.

Northern Sumeru

Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus Farming Locations Guide Tighnari 1a Map

  • The Palace of Alcazarzaray – Check the creek at the base of the palace’s foundation.
  • North of Sumeru City – There are over a dozen here. Use the fast travel point on a hill near the coast and start gliding to reach the nodes. Continue following the river to the east to obtain a few more.
  • Vanarana – The pond with the Phantasmal Gate has around four of these. Traverse the hill going to the opposite side to find a couple more.
  • Chinvat Ravine/Gandharva Ville – You’ll find around nine here.

Southern Sumeru

Genshin Impact Nilotpala Lotus Farming Locations Guide Tighnari 1b Map

  • Pardis Dhyai – The pond in the garden has some nodes, though there are enemies around.
  • East of Pardis Dhyai – Keep going east and jump down the ravine. There are a lot in the river where some crocodiles are chilling.
  • Vimara Village/Devantaka Mountain – Two of these items are south of Vimara Village. However, if you keep following the river, you’ll spot loads along the bank. Still, it’s better to just teleport via the Statue of the Seven, which is closer.
  • Devantaka Mountain – You can pick these up in the body of water next to the shackled Ruin Drake.
  • Apam Woods – These are found in the area where you did the Slumbering Roots quest. Sadly, it’s further away from most fast travel points, so it’s not advisable to include this in your run.

In any case, these are the Nilotpala Lotus farming locations that I’ve found so far in Genshin Impact. I’ll update this guide once I’ve discovered more.

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