Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate locations and Amenoma Kageuchi guide

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide

The Amenoma Kageuchi is a new 4-star sword/katana that you can craft in Genshin Impact. However, before you can obtain the recipe, you’ll first need to collect several Old Stone Slates in Inazuma. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you find all the Old Stone Slates so you can acquire the Amenoma Kageuchi.

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Genshin Impact – Old Stone Slate locations and Amenoma Kageuchi guide

Mind you, the particular quest for the Amenoma Kageuchi and Old Stone Slates can bug out. It simply won’t appear on your quest tab unless you’ve collected all the Old Stone Slates first.

In any case, the first step tends to involve a man named Saimon Jirou. You’ll find him on Jinren Island which is north of the larger Narukami Island. It’s also the spot where you’d find a portal that takes you to the Perpetual Mechanical Array boss fight. If you climb the bigger landmass (close to where the portal is), you’ll notice that Jirou is trapped inside a cage. There’s a lengthy dialogue, but you’ll be asked to find a key. It’s in a tree that’s near the cliff.

Once you free Jirou, “The Farmer’s Treasure” quest is supposed to appear. But, even if it doesn’t, that’s totally fine. We’ll just look for the Old Stone Slates as we go.

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Old Stone Slate #1 in Konda Village

Go down the well in Konda Village and purify the underground shrine. Next, look for a nearby Thunder Bough/Electrograna so you can pass through a Thunder Barrier on a ledge. You’ll find a room with several items, including the Old Stone Slate.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 1

Old Stone Slate #2 and #3 in Araumi’s underwater passage

If you have the Memento Lens, you should be able to unlock the seal that leads to the Araumi shrine. Once you’ve reached it, finish the ritual normally. Then, head to the submerged area and follow it as it loops around. You’ll find an area with five Electro puzzle blocks that will cause the water to get drained. The dirt pile nearby has the Old Stone Slate.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 2a

If you’re able to solve the puzzle, you should be able to traverse the passageway that leads further down.

Eventually, you’ll reach a large cavern with an underground teleporter and shipwreck. Check out the shipwreck to obtain another quest item.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 2b

Old Stone Slate #4 near Kamisato Estate

The last item that we’re looking for is north of Kamisato Estate. Head to the shore to find the Waverider waypoint. Examine the small tent to find it.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 3

Now that you have all four Old Stone Slates, “The Farmer’s Treasure” quest should pop up (if it wasn’t there before). Jirou’s location in Jinren Island will be marked on your map, so just travel there.

He tells you that there’s a fifth item that you should look for, one that’s near the waterfalls in Araumi. Check the marker and go there. Examine the small mounds on the beach until Paimon loses her patience. It seems that Jirou was lying.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 4a

Go back to Jinren Island (the larger landmass this time) and you’ll see that Jirou got imprisoned again! This time, the Nobushi samurai are goading him and, after a lengthy dialogue, you’ll have to fight them.

There are multiple waves here that include Nobushi, Treasure Hunters, and even Fatui agents.

Genshin Impact Old Stone Slate Amenoma Kageuchi Guide 4b

After defeating all the hostiles, Jirou will give you a key that opens a nearby trapdoor. In this underground chamber, place the four Old Stone Slates on the ground to start a puzzle. Simply step on all the tiles without backtracking.

When you’re done, the door will be opened. Unfortunately, the chest doesn’t have good loot.

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Exasperated, Jirou will return to Konda Village. Meet up with the entire Saimon family who’ll end up scolding him. You should complete the quest, receiving 1x Northlander Sword Billet and the Amenoma Kageuchi recipe. Open the precious items tab of your inventory to learn it.

Similar to the Kitain Cross Spear and Hakushin Ring, the Amenoma Kageuchi requires 50x Amethyst Lump and 50x White Iron Chunk (plus a Northlander Sword Billet). The weapon has ATK% as a sub-stat (which is quite decent). Likewise, it has the “Iwakura Succession” perk. Elemental skills allow you to gain a Succession Seed (you can have up to three of these). When you use your burst/ult, you’ll regenerate six energy for every Succession Seed that gets consumed. Just to clarify, I haven’t tested it yet on Ayaka, so I don’t know if it’d be viable for her compared to other options.

Note: If you plan on upgrading this weapon, you can take a look at our Ruin Sentinel/Chaos Gear farming guide for the materials.

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