Genshin Impact Paper Theater Across Mountains Puzzle Guide Day 2 Lantern Rite 2023
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Across Mountains is the Day 2 Paper Theater challenge in Genshin Impact. It’s slightly more complicated than the Homecoming scenes given that there are more locked sections, as well as parts where your character could fall, causing the attempt to end prematurely. Here’s our Genshin Impact Paper Theater Across Mountains guide to help you with this activity that’s part of Lantern Rite 2023.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impact guides and features hub. Likewise, you can take a look at our main guide for the Lantern Rite 2023 event.


Genshin Impact Paper Theater Across Mountains guide (Lantern Rite 2023)

For Genshin Impact’s Across Mountains puzzles in the Paper Theater activity, we’ve labeled some of the unlocked slides based on their starting positions. Additional instructions we provide are based on whatever might be the new slides/landscapes in that spot once you’ve moved them around.

Scene 1

Genshin Impact Paper Theater Across Mountains Puzzle Guide Day 2 Lantern Rite 2023 1a

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • This is the simplest among the Paper Theater Across Mountains puzzles in Genshin Impact. You can see what the diagram looks like in the image above.
  • Begin by swapping the bottom-left starting area with the top-right portion.
  • Then, immediately switch top-left with top-right.
  • This will make the character cross the entire stone ledge before dropping down to grab the chest.

Scene 2

Genshin Impact Paper Theater Across Mountains Puzzle Guide Day 2 Lantern Rite 2023 2a

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • As soon as your character starts moving, swap top-left and top-right.
  • Let the character bump into the stone pillar, which will cause him to go back. Before he can cross to the next slide, swap top-left and top-right again.
  • Next, just as the character reaches the top-right slide but before falling, do another top-left and top-right swap.
  • If you do it fast enough, the figure will fall down the gap straight to the chest.

Scene 3

Genpct V34 Evltrfest Pptr D2 3a

Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • First, switch the bottom-left starting area with top-right.
  • Wait for the character to walk all the way to the top-left slide. Now, before he falls, swap top-left with top-right. This will cause the figure to fall down.
  • As he’s falling down, swiftly move top-left to bottom-mid. This will place the stone pillar in a perfect position to block the figure’s path, making him walk toward the chest.

This completes all Genshin Impact Across Mountains scenes for the Paper Theater activity. Next up, you’ll do the Over Peaks challenges.

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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