Genshin Impact Pathfinder's Log Locations Guide Scarlet Sand Slate Clearance Genesis Of The Rift Achievement
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The Pathfinder’s Log documents in Genshin Impact tell the tale of Tarafa, Jebrael, and Samail. This group of Eramites were in search of Gurabad’s treasure, only to realize that they’ve been deceived. By reading all of them, you’ll obtain a nifty reward. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with all Pathfinder’s Log locations, Genesis of the Rift achievement, and Scarlet Sand Slate Clearance.

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Genshin Impact – All Pathfinder’s Log locations guide

The Pathfinder’s Log notes in Genshin Impact can be found in Wadi Al-Majuj, which is north of Safhe Shatranj and Tanit Camps. While you can read them in any order, I’ll enumerate them from #6 to #1. That’s how I discovered them while doing the Dirge of Bilqis quest chain. Specifically, after meeting your Jinni pal in Liloupar’s Cell, you’ll end up in the ruins of the village of Al-Majuj strewn along a canyon.

Pathfinder’s Log #6

  • If you follow a Seelie along a sloping path, you’ll spot the document. Reading it grants you the last Scarlet Sand Slate Clearance (yes, that mechanic from Golden Slumber). Basically, you’ll be able to open any tome that unlocks doors in a ruin.

Pathfinder’s Log #5

  • A short distance from #6, there’s a Sacred Seal obelisk. Head there and make a right to see several Treasure Hoarders next to a statue. The note is on a crate.

Pathfinder’s Log #4

  • Keep going along the scaffolding here. At the other end, you’ll see this document.

Pathfinder’s Log #3

  • Jump across and follow the steps leading up. This one is just past the Algorithm Sentries.

Pathfinder’s Log #2

  • Continue along this section, where you’ll battle several Eremite archers. The crate just past the steps has this item.

Pathfinder’s Log #1

  • For the last document, head to the outskirts of the village. You’ll see a small building to your left (it has one of Liloupar’s sandstorm devices below and another mechanism at the top). Check the crate here for the note.
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Screenshot by PC Invasion – Pathfinder’s Log #1

Once you’ve read all Pathfinder’s Log documents in Genshin Impact, you’ll receive the Genesis of the Rift achievement. We did work our way backwards, but you’ll have a slight understanding of what happened to Jebrael and Samail in the past, as well as their connection to the Matriarch of the Tanit.

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